Friday, August 5, 2011

Backyard Safari Outfitters Perfect for Exploration! *Review*

This summer we were given the opportunity to review some new products from Backyard Safari Outfitters. Last year, my son and my nephew were introduced to Backyard Safari products and they were super excited to receive a ginormous box packed with hiking and nature stuff. The gear from Backyard Safari really helps to transform any backyard into a world of its own.

Our box of new stuff came with a Base Camp Shelter, Camouflage, Bird Watcher’s Field Kit and Hiking Stick. The kids loved playing with the bug magnifier and bird watching stuff, but the shelter and camouflage were definitely "super cool". The boys made it their fort, then their club- boys only, of course- and then eventually after we left, my niece was allowed to join her brother for a photo opp.

Since then, I was told that my nephew has explored every corner of their property, examined every bug, leaf, stick and rock, and has even allowed his sister and brother to play along on his adventures. I love the fact that Backyard Safari allows children to use their imaginations, yet encourages them to learn more about the world around them.

Mikey really does love his new Backyard Safari gear, and loved seeing the patches on the products this time around. He had them in his pocket for awhile, but he's pretty certain his little brother hid them.

We can't wait to see if he convinces his mommy to sew them on his vest, since his sister is a Brownie, he thinks it's pretty cool.

Backyard Safari products can be found online as well as at stores such as Toys R Us and Target.

Special thanks to our friends at Team Mom and Backyard Safari for allowing us to review this product line and for making summer that much cooler!



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