Monday, September 23, 2013

#GrowingUpOnline Lorax Giveaway ~ Ends 9/30

We live in an exciting new world of sharing information, more so than ever before, but this is not without its challenges! Many of us have heard about or experienced cyber-bullying. We know the pain it can create.

Far too often have we heard the stories of children being cyber-bullied who don’t know what to do or where to turn. The More You Know Learning Series, in collaboration with NBC News, addresses this new and dangerous trend, in addition to other online issues, with the launch of Growing Up Online, the FREE eBook for parents to keep their kids safe on the Internet! You and your family can now be prepared, clued-up and openly communicative about online issues big or small!
Our kids have never known a world without the Internet. They’re spending more and more time on the web, so teaching them about using technology responsibly and safely is critical. Use the #GrowingUpOnline Blog App and download the free eBook for a chance to win a copy of THE LORAX on DVD + Blu-ray! Download the FREE Growing Up Online eBook and be sure to watch all four entertaining comic book stories as a family.

These stories show real situations that may occur when your kids go online. This free eBook provides easy-to-use information that addresses the growing concern about kids’ online privacy and cyber-bullying in a unique and engaging way. Growing Up Online is packed with important tips that every parent should know!

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G K September 24, 2013  

I make sure my cousins only play games on the computer.

Jalynn Patterson September 24, 2013  

I don't let them on very often and I waych them like a hawk when they are.

Fangirl Jen September 25, 2013  

I always keep the computer in a "public" place in the house.

steve weber September 25, 2013  

check the web history.

Dawn Ganey September 27, 2013  

I pop in the room unexpectedly. I also check the cookies on computer.

Kortney,  September 27, 2013  

We have parental controls set!

Krystal Dunlap,  September 27, 2013  

I sit with them and watch what they are doing.

Rodney Jackson September 28, 2013  

I stay with them while they are on the internet

Daniel M,  September 29, 2013  

make sure they never give out any personal information - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

tina reynolds September 29, 2013  

Mine are still young so when they are playing we are with them

Nora Driskel September 30, 2013  

Right now they are supervised all the time.

Terry K,  September 30, 2013  

I frequently check on my granddaughter while on the computer. I also check her activity on site she has entered. She is in the livingroom at all times where she can be checked on.

dv8 September 30, 2013  

I make sure internet usage is supervised.


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