Monday, October 7, 2013

Taking some time to re-think blogging..

I love blogging.. I always have. Through the years there has been really easy times to blog, and really-difficult-to-find-a-moment-to-breathe-nevermind-blog times, too.

I enjoy being a review blog and sharing with you all my opinions on products geared for the home and the family, including entertainment, toys, electronics, and more. I really, really enjoyed traveling and sharing the experiences I had in Cleveland, and in Orlando.

I need a blogging refresher. I need to set clear goals again, like I did when we first launched. I need to share personal stories again, and share more recipes. There's no better season than now. Come mid November, my blog is going to blow up- and I want you to be a part of it.

It might be quiet for the next month as we get used to our ABA (Applied Behaviorial Analyst) who will be coming into my home at least two days a week. I ask you to bare with me, as you have.. and to get ready. I'm even thinking of ripping down the blog design and getting something more.... Fresh.

In the busiest season of my life.



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