Saturday, July 5, 2014

Evolution of Drag- A Musical

Last Saturday, I was invited to step out of the box and attend a show at the Palace Show Theater in Spring Hill, Florida with a friend and her mother in law. This was a show like no other, not only because of the theme, or actors and actresses involved, but because I am a self-proclaimed music lover.

My first job was at Record Town at our local mall, and I prized myself on the fact that I could "Name That Tune" within the first few notes 99% of the time, from almost every generation of music. I was not the typical kid in High School, some called me "goth" and there was no where to get fishnet stockings from, so I had to hop on a train and take it to Avenue A in The City, until the very first Hot Topic opened in our mall. I wasn't a complete freak, as I didn't pierce anything except my ears, until I was over age, and I listened to everything from the 20's to the 90's.. and I loved it. I preferred big hair bands of the 80's and grunge and electronica of the late 80's and early 90's. I jammed out to hard rock, and spent my entire paycheck on concerts, concert tees, and black lipstick.

Looking at me, 15 years later, one would never suspect that that was the 'label' I wore back then, but it was what it was. It was an awesome, exciting, awful, and enlightening time in my life, and made me into the person I am today.

So, here I sat, in a theater filled with people of all ages, giggling, singing along, and hooting and hollering at the show before us like nothing we'd ever seen before. The audience ranged from young to old; one patron was even celebrating their 80th birthday!

The Evolution of Drag took us on a musical journey from the roaring 20's through the new millennium, demonstrating classic favorites through the decades, in a show that had us all giving a standing ovation at the close of this comical, inspiring, and insanely enjoyable evening out.

Brilliantly organized to bullet, illustrate, and poke fun at the history of  U.S. pop culture, this performance was so much fun.  

As a person who overly criticizes cover bands and cover performers, I can genuinely tell you that our group was blown away by how spot on the lipsynching, dancing, and acting was. Did I mention we had a blast?! A lot of the more mature crowd mentioned that they weren't familiar with the artists after 'Cyndi Lauper' made her dash across the stage as Evolution of Drag brought the audience into the new millennium with special guests 'Katy Perry' and 'Lady Gaga'. However, the interactions with the audience kept everyone on their seats, clapping, tapping, and whistling! My only complaint was due to the sequins on a lot of the costumes, I was unable to get pictures that truly showed how fabulous the costumes were.

While The Evolution of Drag has already made its way through the Spring Hill/Hudson area, have no worries, because you'll be able to catch it at The Parliament House in late July/early August. Follow their Facebook page for more details and show times.



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