Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to School 2014

I cannot believe that summer is over/

Tomorrow, I strip their beds, sort their clothes (again), hang and refold everything, and get them ready for school on Monday.

We had dreams for this summer. We were going to go on day trips, and perhaps a few overnights while we explored Florida. Instead, we spent it repairing our car. First, a radiator. Which literally opened up the flood gates unto a dozen more minor- yet crazy expensive because it was all at the same time- repairs. Then, we had almost a week where things were ok.. and then the sensor went out. We replaced the sensor and realized it went out because the main-frame computer died.  You know, the thing that tells the car to START. Yeah, that. It died. And I cried.

We made our own fun, but the kids will tell you it was boring. We had a kiddy pool set up for my little guy, I hosed them all down as often as I could, and you would think that since we live so close to the beach we would have lived there-- but we don't live close enough to walk.

One day, we took an accidental 6 mile walk. That was fun.

We taught Zackie some of his colors, and how to count to five. Sometimes he throws a six in the mix, but what the heck.. it's better than nothing.

I decided to change our future, and launched ANOTHER home based business. While it's difficult keeping up with two businesses, a blog and a family, I think I'm doing ok. Now that the kids are going back to school, I see more regular posts happening here.

Our name change is happening soon.. Our designer moved cross country, so we're waiting on him to get settled, and then going from there. The name, logo, and domain are chosen, designed and ready to go- it just needs to be installed.

So.. this is our life. Crazy, chaotic, fun, and awesome- even when it's not so great. Get ready to ride this ride with us as we enter the newest chapter and say good-bye to 4BabyAndMom as we know it.



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