Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm baa-aack! An update of sorts..

I just wanted to take a quick second to say hello to everyone and say thank you for bearing with us during this transition. We're still in the process of relocating, but at least now our technical stuff is all taken care of. We even renewed our domain for another 2 years! (Our next step is switching to the wordpress platform, but that's a whole other post!!)

We switched our TV/Internet/Phone providers, which was an ordeal all to itself, and installation got delayed for WEEKS instead of days. It's been quite frustrating.. but we are very happy with our new service.

With all of our life changes, we've been having problems with Alex's school again.. but we had a huge meeting a few weeks ago, and hopefully are taking a step in a good direction.

Marissa is still quite busy in her last semester of school, doing everything in her power to continue acing her last few couple of classes. We are negotiating with a new mom to jump on board and assist with couponing tips, recipes, and reviews, and we're really hoping she will join our team.

There are going to be a ton of new, fresh, exciting, and fun reviews & giveaways being posted this next week. Also, we are preparing for a "Spring into Summer" blog party, highlighting fun products for around the house, spring-cleaning, spring and summer toys and activities, craft ideas, and recipes. We are so excited to show you how much we've grown in this "vacation" of ours.

If you have a product suggestion for review or giveaway, please feel free to send it to us at 4BabyAndMom at gmail dot com. After all, you- our readers- are the reason we are still here!

If you are a PR firm or representative, we look forward to hearing your pitches and learning more about your products or services.

So... that's basically our update.



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