Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DreamBox Learning- Differentiated Math Curriculum

If you've been reading 4BabyAndMom for any amount of time, you probably know how crazy we are about education. Marissa is going to school to be a teacher, and Lauren went to school for Early Childhood Education.

As a mom of a gifted, Autistic son, I have found it virtually impossible to find any online games, websites, or even an established curriculum that keeps him entertained and engaged, while staying competitive and encouraging. We've used some websites that included some educational aspects in them, but not until recently have we found a really fun program that truly contains a rigorous math curriculum that builds conceptual understanding and fluency for every grade level.

DreamBox Learning put together a platform where your child can play kindergarten math games online, all the way through the 5th grade! You don't have to go through the public school or be a homeschooler, you can simply use this program as a tutoring/supplemental tool for your child on your own time- or on the go- so that he or she will be more successful in math.

What I love most about the DreamBox Learning Math program is that there is a free trial, and then the program is available on a month-by-month rate, or by a discounted rate (6 month membership), starting at only $12.95.

The kindergarten curriculum teaches counting (from 1-100), including lessons where kids can build their own hundreds chart; it even teaches calculating doubles and near doubles (early addition skills). This is a screen shot from one of the counting lessons:

By visiting the DreamBox website, you can click on each grade level individually to see what types of lessons your child will be learning. The program allows you to track the growth your child (or up to 4 children) are making as they progress. They make this easy, so you don't have to stress about the methods or your own ability to teach your child more difficult math. DreamBox has a Parents Tips area which gives some great advice on how to incorporate math into your daily life, from Kindergarten through third grade, but when you subscribe to DreamBox, you’ll get regular academic progress emails that include tips for family activities that reinforce the specific lessons your child is learning.

If you're looking for an engaging, proven math curriculum for your child to learn at home, I recommend checking into the DreamBox Learning Math Program. For more information on why early math skills are beneficial, visit


Anonymous,  March 22, 2012  

Sounds like an interesting program. Wish they had stuff like this when my kids were little.

caryn2601 at hotmail dotcom.


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