Thursday, June 7, 2012

Healthy Candy?! AlternaVites Kids Review

My kids love candy. I don't often let them splurge on the super sugary kinds, leaving them for Halloween, or special occasions, or birthday parties. What they don't like is vitamins. Getting my kids to take their vitamins has always been a chore. They don't like it because it's too grainy, or "they taste weird", some (the gummies) they want more than the recommended dose, because they love the non-vitamin-bears, so I cannot buy them because they're *not* candy, although they look too much like candy. They can't really swallow pills yet, and face it, why should they?

I recently found out about alternVites Kids vitamins, and thought I would give them a chance. We received a package of the Raspberry Cotton Candy flavor sticks to try, and I opened a pack to investigate. Yes, I even tried a little, and I was surprised that with 0 grams of sugar, these could be so sweet! Finally, an easy kid-friendly, powdered, flavorful supplement- perfect for my picky kids! At first, the kids thought they're eating a pixie stick, (which we NEVER have, unless they got it on Halloween!), so they got really excited to take them. I had to explain to them that this was "like a medicine", because it was vitamins. Alex is old enough that he just rolled his eyes with a, "pssh, ok mom,"  while Abbie understood and was super happy because it "tastes good".

After having them for a few weeks, I can tell you that this is the first vitamin supplement that they WANT to take, and remember to ask for, even if I forget. I love the fact that it doesn't make my kids bounce off the walls, and I can feel confident that they are getting the vitamins their growing bodies need.

The serving size is one packet, once a day. AlternaVites are targeted for kids ages four and up. I will tell you that if you try this product, it is much easier to sit them down, and let them sprinkle some on their tounge a little at a time, as if they were eating a real pixie stick. I tried with Abbie to sprinkle a little, and ended up dumping a bunch on her tounge the first few times. She took the job over quickly, and has been doing a much better job than I did.

AlternaVites Kids retails for $15.95 a box (30 packets per box), and ship free when you buy two or more boxes. There's an adult formula also available, but it retails for $29.95. For a list of the vitamins and minerals in AlternaVites Kids, or to learn more about this product, visit their website. Be sure to enter moms20 during checkout to receive 20% off of your purchase.



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