Sunday, June 15, 2014

Redesign, Renaming, and More!

So, in the process of renewing and updating our blog, a vulture came in and scooped up our domain name. Without spending a fortune to get our name and our brand back, we decided to put on our big girl britches, and grow up. Literally.

After much thought and consideration, I have realized that I've started to grow out of the image that "4BabyAndMom" stirs inside of me. I'm so much more than 'just a mom blogger', a 'review blogger', or a 'parenting blogger', or well, a mom. Aside from the many hats that the job title "mom" holds, I just realized that when I'm 50, and still wanting to write, the title of "4BabyAndMom" just isn't going to be *ME* anymore. Does that make sense?

I wanted something that will grow with me, my family, and my life. And I've found it.

With the advice from blogging friends and internet guru's, as well as the help of a very talented web designer, I'm trying to re-brand as fast as I can. I have some giveaways coming up from Little Tikes, Downy, and the Spartan Race, as well as some reviews and life articles coming up that have a whole new look on things.

Hopefully, you'll still enjoy what I have to write, and I won't lose too many of my readers, but I can't wait to start this new journey with you all! SO. . . bookmark my site, as it will be the site that will redirect you to my new link, and as soon as the design is ready to launch I will let you all know the new domain.

Please, please don't be fooled by the awful ads and content on 4babyandmom dot com... it's NOT me!



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