Thursday, November 19, 2015

Look, Mommy, it's a CHICKEN!

I blame it all on Paw Patrol.

We went to the park the other day, because the weather was just amazing. There was a nice breeze, and there were fluffy clouds in the sky. Weather like this is why I love living in Florida.

So we pull into the parking lot, while finishing our lunch, and up squeaks Zackie-doodle.. "Hahaha, look mommy, it's a chicken!"

"A chicken?!?! Where?"

"Up there!!"

Okay, so while this may be the worst cell phone picture I've ever taken in my life, I had to snap it! Sure enough, there's this big, fluffy bird, hanging out at the top!

"It does kind of look like a chicken, but it's a seagull."

"No it's a chicken!"

"Chickens don't go to the beach, silly."

"Yes they do.. Chickaletta does."

Um. Yeah. Well, you got me there, kid.



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