Monday, November 9, 2015

That place between being a kid and a grown-up (aka My Daughter Snuck Makeup on This Morning)

This morning was rainy and nasty, and we missed the bus. It was one of those days where you just wanted to stay in your blankly and read a good book... so I got it. I told my daughter to hurry in the bathroom, and I reluctantly dragged my feet getting myself and my little guy ready. Knowing that I took longer than I should have, and got two ready, I gave a shout to the bathroom, and told my daughter to hustle and get in the car. She hurried past me, and scooped up her brother, telling him to snuggle with her so he didn't get wet.

We squeak into the car and head off to school. The kids are both in the back, and we head up the road to school. I realize that she didn't grab a granola or anything, so I decide to hit the fast food place near her school. She climbs into the front seat to eat, and looks at me. 

Pure ivory skin, dark brown hair, rosy cheeks, slightly pinker, shimmery lips. Gosh, my daughter is beautiful. ....Wait, my daughter's wearing makeup!?! 

While I'm a bit....flustered... I take a breath and ask her about it, without sounding like I'm angry, (I made sure to pay attention to my tone), so her feelings don't get hurt. She shrinks down, all bashful and doesn't talk. 

Honey, tell me? Nothing. 
Sweetheart? I'm just wondering, because you don't normally want to wear makeup.. Nothing. 

I swear it felt like 3 hours.

In my head I am trying to run every scenario through my head. She's dealt with mean girls, and with provocative girls, she's dealt with bully boys, and boys who swoon at her desk. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Is it a mean girl teasing her, because Jesus, if it is I will....

...Sigh. I don't know, mommy.

Tell me, honey? 

Well, I've noticed that sometimes the girls who wear makeup get the boys to look at them and then they like them. 

Oh honey!

So we spent the next several minutes talking about boys, and girls, and makeup, and being ready to wear makeup, and how the boys usually like the girls who don't wear a ton of makeup more, and how she's beautiful without it. We talked about when she *is* allowed to wear makeup (holidays, dances, special events), how when you're little, you want to grow up, and when you're older you wish you were young again, and how she's got the rest of her life to wear makeup, and that in 5th grade, if she still feels like she wants to wear makeup, I have no problem with her wearing lip gloss. 

She wipes her mouth after eating her sandwich, (just as a natural habit) and I notice the shimmer is almost off. There she is... My beautiful girl, don't be in such a rush to grow up! I love you, just the way you are.. always and forever.



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