Tuesday, May 4, 2010

U by Kotex - a new generation of feminine products!

With four nieces, three in the "almost a woman" age range and a daughter who'll be there eventually, I try my hardest to let them know if there's anything they have questions about that they can always come to me.

I didn't learn about my period or kissing, or sex for that matter, from my parents. In fact, the mere thought made me want to crawl into a hole. My relationship with my parents was definitely NOT that type of a relationship. Between my friends, (the few girls that I was friends with), and my oldest female cousin, I learned about the male body from a magazine from her brother's playboy collection, kissing from movies, my period from the pamphlet inside her tampon box, and sex- well, I think that can be accredited to health class.. or that same nudy magazine.

I remember when my period came.. I wasn't expecting it at all, but totally should have had it already. I was 13. I remembered the pads that they had when I was younger. They were ginormous! Every month I was mortified that I had to shove these mile-high pads in my front pocket of my bookbag, and pray that no mischeivious boy would unzip it.

Kotex has come up with a new line of feminine products specifically for the tweens and teens. The same name and brand you trust, made fun and funky for your kids- U by Kotex. Thanks to Mom Central, I recieved a box of U by Kotex tampons. I love the fact that the wrappers are bright colors, and despite the loud colors seem to blend well with today's hottest accessories. Who knew I'd see the 80's return- neon yellow, day-glo-blue, and hot pink is on EVERYTHING, including this new line of products.

Kotex not only wants to spread the word about this new product line and but hopes to ensure girls feel confident and at ease asking questions about women’s health issues. The topic of menstruation can make girls feel embarrassed and uncomfortable but eliminating the use of euphemisms and fostering open conversations can turn your daughter having her period into no big deal.

The commercials that have started popping up on TV are great ways for moms and daughters to start their conversations. I personally think they're hysterical. I really want to smack the actresses- because if having my period was really like flittering away on the beach in white spandex, the world would just be a happier place. Shoot- and if my mom's time of the month growing up was like that..
Check out one of my favorite commercials here:

Visit http://walmart.com/ubykotex to learn more about the U by Kotex line, get some free samples and download a fun Daily Journal iPhone or iTouch application that lets you take pictures, add play lists and geo-target your location for each entry.
I would love your thoughts on this new line of products, plus any stories that you might want to share about "having the talk" when you were young. If you have a child in your life that is about "that" age, feel free to tell me any tips that you have about making it easy on the both of you.. or what you're dreading the most.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Kotex and received products necessary to facilitate my candid review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Emily May 04, 2010  

Need idea. I hope this helps the tween set feel less awkward about the whole "becoming a woman" thing.

Tamara B. May 05, 2010  

My daughter who is 13 is always shy about getting her feminine products. Love Kotex and I ordered a sample packet for her.


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