Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wedding Dress Blog Hop- My dress..

I was blog hopping, and I happened to come across Shasher's Life and wanted to participate in this blog hop for multiple reasons. First, the wedding industry was such a big part of my life- (My sister owned a bridal shop, and I started modeling with her. I worked in the bridal industry for almost 10 years!)

Anyway, I decided I would participate in this blog hop because I loved my dress. I never ever thought that my daughter would be interested in wearing it, but I did have the goals, hopes and dreams that I would make a gown for her dedication. I never did it, I couldn't. I tried using some liquid courage, but again- no luck.

So it sits in a preservation box in my garage and I glimpse at it every now and then while I do the laundry.

I wore my dress on October 10, 2003. My favorite part about my dress was the train. It was a heavy beast, but it was so pretty. The back was a lovely "V" nothing too revealing, but it made me feel sexy, and so was the neckline that was beaded and it sat on the edge of my shoulders. The hemline was scalloped, and the organza overlay was beaded and sparkly. My veil had crystals and beads throughout it, and really complimented the dress. Actually, my veil has been the "something borrowed" for my husband's cousin, and will be for my friend who's getting married in August.

So, now I want to know- Did you keep your dress? Did you sell your dress? What did you do with it? If you still have it, are you planning to do something with it, or just keep it tucked away?

Thanks for letting me reminisce.. I can't wait to read your answers, and if you post about it, please feel free to add the link in your comment.  Be sure to let me know on Facebook, too!


Katrina May 27, 2010  

Beautiful! I posted mine too! Check it out if you want! =)

Shash May 27, 2010  

Isn't this fun!! Thanks for participating!! I love the flower petals they tossed as you left the church!

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Laura May 28, 2010  

Lauren, you were such a beautiful bride!!
I did not have the same attachment to my dress. I loved it, but didn't think I would ever have a daughter who would want to wear it. Plus, I HOPE my daughter is not the same (large) size that I was when I got married. After sitting in my closet, untouched, for 5 years, I finally decided to sell it on Ebay. I don't have any regrets, other than wishing I had done it sooner - I probably could have made more $$! Five years later and the dress was no longer in style (sigh).

Rachel Esther May 28, 2010  

beautiful dress!

Xmas Dolly May 28, 2010  

Wonderful wedding pictures, and you still look like a model for a bridal shop with the best dress in the house! Love when they throw rose pedals nowadays! My dress is hanging in a metal closet downstairs. It was my MIL's dress, an ivory lace dress that went over a satin slip! It was gorgeous! Have a fun & safe holiday weekend.

Momma Maven May 28, 2010  

Stopping by the dress hop, it looks beautiful on you and I love the lace!

Nugglemama June 03, 2010  

Beautiful dress! I just love seeing all the great posts.


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