Friday, January 7, 2011

I Lift Up My Soul- Devotions to Start Your Day with God By Charles Stanley

Every beginning of the year I try to start a new devotional. I usually flunk out soon after I begin, but this year, I had the ability to review this powerful piece of work from Charles F. Stanley called, I Lift Up My Soul Devotions to Start Your Day with God.

My walk of faith lately has been quite bumpy. Life hasn't really worked out the way I thought or planned it to, and new changes, (including a move,) are on our horizon.

God has been putting things on our hearts so much in the last few months, that his whispers are almost constant. That's why I was eager to review this devotional.

Now, as I've mentioned, I've tried doing devotionals in the past. From ones geared specifically for women, to women in their 20's, to married couples, to young married couples, to just a regular ole' generic devotional.. nothing's ever stuck.

There are quite a few things that I like about this devotional. The first is that it starts off on January 1st. Obviously, you don't need to start on the 1st if you didn't have the book on the 1st, but you can open up to whatever day it is, and start. If you feel led to start from the beginning, than good for you. The greatest part is there is no condemnation in God, so where ever you start, it's where it was intended for you to start. For me, starting it on January 1st has held me accountable.

I also love that I LIFT UP MY SOUL is available on Kindle, so if I don't have my book with me, I can actually grab it on my mobile devices. The actual book itself retails for about $14 on Amazon currently (suggested retail $20), and the Kindle version is $9.99. In the past I had spent more than that on a devotional that just gathered dust, and eventually was donated.

The passages in this book are very well worded, and seem to speak to your soul. They are written in plain English, in a manner in which most normal people can relate. A daily scripture reading is given, as well as a "key verse" which is offered and written above each daily lesson. Actually looking up the passage is not necessary, but if you have the time, is a great way to help lift your soul. I've never read a devotional in which I was eager to read the following day. Overall, I am very pleased with this devotional, and recommend it to anyone looking to lift their soul this new year. I do believe that it would make a great gift for anyone during their walk of faith- especially if it's been rocky.

Everyone's spiritual journey is different, but this devotional has really allowed me to delve into a part of my walk with Christ that I haven't seen since I was a new Christian, hungry and thirsty for the Word of God.

Thanks to BookSneeze for allowing me to receive a media sample to review. 


Frugal Tips January 08, 2011  

It sounds like a great book!


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