Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New from Danimals: Rally For Recess!

RECESS: The moment children wait impatiently for all day, hoping little Tommy Trouble Maker won’t get into mischief . . . again, and ruin it for the rest of them. The only 15 minutes of the day that is theirs to go wild, scream like an indian chief, and run like Forrest Gump all around the playground just because they “ . . .felt like running!”

Any parent knows that children need this small outlet to burn off some of that energy. Twitchy kids can’t focus, especially when there is a bright shiny blue slide staring at them through their class window, beckoning them to come and play. I am currently going to school to be a teacher and have observed and volunteered in many classrooms. Throughout all of my observations, I have never failed to notice how much more attentive the class was after P.E. and recess. Once they got rid of that extra energy (in the hot Florida sun no less), they were more than happy to come back to the air conditioning, get a drink, and sit quietly and listen to their teachers. I also noticed that the teachers who did not allow recess typically had some crazy kids filling their afternoon hours.

So why is recess being picked on? Sadly, more and more schools are being forced to adopt “no recess” schedules because of strenuous curriculum standards *cough* FCAT and other similar standardized tests*cough*. I am not a fan of such policies, and am all about standing up for our children's needs at school. That is why I was so excited to receive an opportunity to share with you that involves recess, AND one of my kids favorite afternoon snacks—Danimals!

You know, the yogurt snacks that your kids (well, at least mine) beg you for every time you’re trying to pick out dairy products. Danimals are actually one of the few things I give in on; the kids are happy because they think they suckered me into a treat and I get them to eat something nutritious—it’s win/win. But now, there’s another reason to buy these great snacks. It’s called the “Rally for Recess”, and it is a new campaign to help keep recess in schools. We were given a gift card to try a Danimals product, and we (by we-- I mean my eight year old daughter) chose the smoothies. They were really good, and are apparently still “cool” for middle school-ers too, because my son slammed one and then began “monkeying” around with his sister. (I don’t think he has recess at middle school, hahaha)

Now, when you purchase a Danimals product, it comes with a code which you can enter at their contest site: . Five schools will win a $20,000 playground make-over and an “Ultimate Recess Day!” When you visit the site, there is a place to register, enter your code, and also some fun stuff for the kids to do as well! Me and my goofballs had a bit of fun creating our own “playground” game levels and playing them. You can also create posters too. The contest is running through February 8, 2012, so go get some Danimals and try and help your kids school! For more information visit:

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Danimals and received a gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”



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