Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Picture Cards by Shutterfly *Review + Giveaway*

It's almost that time of the year again- well, for me, "super-slacker-mom". I'm so far behind on things this year! I tried taking cutesy pictures of the kids in front of holiday themed items like the tree, some lights, etc, but could not get a picture if you paid me.

I tried using some favorite pictures of them through the year, but Abbie went through this really weird growly-grin stage.. and Alex was missing half of his teeth this year. Awkward! Anyway, after messing around on the Shutterfly website for almost two days, I think I came up with a card, but I'm not sure if it's "appropriate" or not. See the thing is- I'm expecting again. 90% of the family and our friends know that, but there's a branch of our extended family that probably don't know (including my father and grandmother, but that's a WHOLE other post) and I'm wondering if I should just send it, so they know, and so I don't have to deal with the whole "I didn't even know you were pregnant" emails/letters/calls... or so the long lost relatives we love but never talk to in Ohio and North Carolina can still feel like they're up to date on our family??? I'm so confused and over thinking it a ton. Bri says it's perfect. What do you think:

Every year we put the little "what we've been up to" blurb in it. :)

I love Shutterfly's Christmas picture cards- mainly because you can personalize them however you want. You want five pictures on the front- doable. Just text inside? Done. Pictures and text? Done. Right now there are fabulous sales going on on all of the photo cards, photo books, photo gifts, and the best of it all is their quality.

Every year, I know the quality of the cards I send out are beautifully printed, well made, and vibrant. The family loves to receive them, and I love to give them. This year, I even participated in a Shutterfly House Party to help excite my friends and family about the awesome products at Shutterfly. I've been a customer since 2004. In fact, if Shutterfly crashed and died, I think I might too. Everything from our wedding, to the birth and growth of both of our kids and on is on that site. I have a brand loyalty to them, for no other reason except I love their products.

So all in all, my cards are ready to be ordered, delivery just around the corner. The only thing we will have to wait for is Santa... Now if Santa only delivered a job for the Hubby, we would be all set.


WIN Shutterfly Photo Cards! Two winners will be chosen- the first will win 50 free photo cards, the next will win 30! Each winner will receive two valid Shutterfly promo codes to redeem for their favorite flat or folded holiday card!

To enter:
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Mommy 2 Bears December 05, 2011  

I like the sparkling snowflakes.

tree December 06, 2011  

i really like the With Love card! thanks for the chance!


Sharon December 06, 2011  

I like the Wrapped Ribbon cards.
wdwfla at gmail dot com

Anonymous,  December 07, 2011  

I like the Snowflake Ribbon.

tree December 07, 2011  

i left a comment here!


sabrina December 07, 2011  

Classic Holly Frame!

Jessica December 07, 2011  

I love the missing cookie one! I would SO put my cat on there, lol!

jersharocks at gmail

Jessica December 07, 2011  

Left a comment here:

jersharocks at gmail

tree December 10, 2011  

crap. i tweeted today and accidently forgot to post the tweet when i entered the rafflecopter entry. Here is the tweet!!/patchouligirl91/status/145535636789673986

Joseph April 23, 2012  

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