Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baby Shopping Help

So, you may have seen some of Lauren's posts about her peculiar case of "I have no idea what's the wrong with me" suddenly equaling a surprise pregnancy. If you haven't, well, now you know. It's come as quite the surprise for Lauren and her family, but imagine all of her friends surprise as well! We can't wait to shop, but we need your help!

Lauren's starting all over again, as her littlest is going to be 6 by the time the new peanut makes its arrival. Although it hasn't been "forever", there's still a ton of time between her middle child and the new baby. There's so many cool products that have come out in the meantime that help to make a parents life easier. You know the products I mean- the ones you think you may not have survived the first year without??

So.. if you've had a baby any time in the last year or so, what super-amazing-couldn't-live-without products did you have? Please share with us!

Also, if you're currently expecting, share with us which product you've seen/heard of recently that you can't wait to try.

If you're a veteran mom, or like Lauren starting over again, we'd love to hear which products you thought were a waste of time or money.


Debbie Stanton January 04, 2012  

As a veteran (two teens and a 5 year old), must haves:
-a few baby gowns
-wipe warmer
-bassinet/playpen combo
-Baby Magic Wash & Lotion (original scent in yellow bottles - my son is 5 and I still use this on him as I love the smell!)
-sling/wrap carrier
-big, comfortable rocking chair.. had to get rid of my glider when son was 2ish as no room for both of us :(

waste of time/money:
-high chair.. we ended up using kitchen counter with a seat that attaches to it and is portable & washable
-diaper pail... just threw them in the garbage as didn't want to leave for days and days in baby's room
-pacifier cover... never used it!

Samantha February 21, 2012  

I have to say, the Moby Wrap is one of my absolute favorite things that I use for my son. Some other things that I love are:
-swaddling blankets
-soothie pacifiers
-vibrating rocking seat
-rocking chair

things that were pointless:
(thats all I have so far that I wouldn't repurchase, my son is still very small so we havent gotten to use a lot of his things!)


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