Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Kind of a Camera Do YOU Have??

With Baby #3 on its way, the hubster and I have been discussing getting a new camera.

My horrible-mom confession is that since my camera broke a year or so ago, I haven't replaced it, which means I took less pictures of the family, unless it was on my cell phone.

So.. I'm not looking for anything expensive.. Just an affordable (but not "cheap") point and shoot that takes clear pictures. Perhaps with good sports/movement setting, (my kids are always on the go!), and one that takes good indoor pics, as we're going to be having the new baby.

Show me, or tell me what you have!


Mama Wolf May 06, 2012  

Hi! I'm wondering if you ended up getting any recommendations? Or you chose a camera since this was posted? I googled "cameras that moms recommend" and your blog popped up, and I'm interested to hear your deision. We are in need of a mid-price range point and shoot camera to get good (and easy) pictures of our three rambunctious boys and were looking for all the features you mentioned... I would really appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!


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