Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Boy Take Home Outfit- NEED YOUR HELP! Pregnancy Vent...

Baby clothes are flipping adorable. Super snuggly, soft, and atrociously adorable. It's been six years since I had to really shop for baby items, more specifically, clothes.
I'm really having a hard time with this. I vented to my friends the other day, and they all almost died with my stories of shopping, and recommended I shared it with you all- and maybe someone, somewhere on the world-wide-web, can help this hormonal, preggy mommy out.

When Alex was born, Carter's was "IT". Nine years ago, they had this super cute line of duckies, the John Lennon collection, and this snuggly little puppy dog. He received a plethora of ducky outfits (all very boy, blue backgrounds, or more "masculine" looking), and several doggy outfits. I purchased his "take home outfit" from Carter's and fell in love. It was this adorable blue/blue-green colored cotton, long legged bib-overalls, with a long sleeve onesie, and the Carter's puppy was on the chest. It had a matching hat, and I even got the matching bib and booties (which I believe had puppies, too... I really need to hunt down my album and upload a pic..). I digress...

He looked adorable! 100% boy, but sweet, cute, handsome baby boy.

Abbie was born three years later, and we dressed her like a porcelain doll. She really did look like a doll. Her hat was a little too big, so it gave her a "southern belle" dolly look, but it totally fit my first Florida-born kid.

Now, here we go again, and I have started my quest for a take home outfit that is uniquely him. I'm finding out that moms of "this generation" are either really into the "metro-baby" idea, or wickedly insecure. Either way, I'm not into it. I might get some slack for this, but hear me out.

Alex was a bald, big eyed baby boy. I dressed him in reds, blues and grass green- with dinosaurs, cars, trucks and trains, and I still had people tell me how beautiful "she" was.  Abbie wore nothing but dresses, 99.9% of her first three years. I STILL had people tell me how cute "he" was. Maybe I have a complex, but this time around, I'm having a really hard time buying outfits that have salmon colored stripes on the outfit, or really gender neutral looking backgrounds, on the BOY clothes.

I saw an outfit that one would typically think "gender neutral", but on it there was some words that specifically said, "Mommy's New Man". Which brings me to the next part of my rant. What kind of wimpy, insecure moms are bringing babies into the world that EVERY.SINGLE.STORE has nine million "Mommy's little lover", "I love my mommy", "Mommy Loves Me", "My Mommy Rocks, "Mommy's little rock star", "Mommy's little slugger"..... Oh-Dear-God! I love my kids, don't get me wrong. One or two little outfits that have some sort of cute phrase, ok. But not every single one of them!!! My kid is not a billboard. I do not need affirmation that my two month old loves me, or that I love him. And the ones that confess he's a little slugger, or rock star- what if he hates sports, and music, and loves chemistry or carpentry. Ok, I might be over-reacting, but am I?????? It may be the fact that I was absolutely mortified when we read Oedipus Rex in Middle School, who knows, maybe I'm scarred. I can't bring myself to buy any of them, or understand why some moms (who will remain nameless) have forty three of these different outfits/onesies/bibs.

The baby girls section is so cute.. matching accessories, ruffled butts, everything a mom or baby wants.  Why does the boys section look so blah?? For the other 20% of the clothing that's not overly-confessing-their-undying-love-for-their-mommy, it's "schleppy". You know, pull over cotton pants, over a onesie. Again- not that there's nothing wrong with a few of those outfits for at home, or while running errands, but when I take my kid out, I want him to look good. I want to be proud of the little sockies that match, and the bib he wears, even if he's going to barf on it 10 minutes later. What happened to having pride in your children? There's nothing wrong with that. There are a few outfits I've seen that are "little boy cute".. plaid shorts, polos, etc, but again, not "baby" enough for me.

Now do you understand why I'm having such difficulties finding the perfect take home outfit?????

I've checked Carter's, Macy's, Dillards, Old Navy, Target, WalMart, Babies R Us, & Ross- online and in the store (well, except Carter's because they're over 2 hours away!) and have not found any that were close to "the one".

So I need your help. Marissa thinks that any of you who read this post are going to run away and never come back. I think that you all will feel my pain, or write it off as pregnancy-insanity, and send me some links to outfits you think might fit my very picky requirements.

I will be stalking out this post, so please, please, please feel free to help this momma out!!


Debbie Stanton April 14, 2012  

My son is five, but I have never, and will never, let him wear anything along the lines of "I Love My Mommy" verbage... I thought it was just me who was off since stores are full of these items and from major, major manufacturers... so glad to hear I am not the only "normal" one out here.

Ashley Havrish May 01, 2012  

I had my son and didn't have any clothes to put him in. All the clothes I had purchased for him, were all far too big. He came out at 36 weeks and needed preemie sizes and I only had newborn. His grandmother went to Carters and found a fleece brown and beige striped onsie that was cashmere. It was perfect. No logos or anything.


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