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Save Water-Feel Pretty. WaterPik EcoFlow ShowerHead Giveaway+Review Ends 5/6

I try to be green. I use some "green" cleaning supplies, and use microfiber cloths to clean with; I've even experimented with making my own baby wipes. I reuse certain containers, and try to get artsy-craftsy with others, but I really don't consider myself a "green-mama".

One of the things we've been trying to cut back on is wasting electric and water. Honestly, a lot of that had to do with my husband losing his job in November, but since he's been working again, I'm still flitting around, turning things off, or reminding the kids to shut off the water. But I have a confession to make.

I love to feel pampered when I take my shower. Really pampered. It's the only time I really have for myself anymore, and enjoy just disappearing into the nice warm water, as it washes away my cares for the few minutes I allow myself to just relax.

I have two bathrooms in my house- one has a rain shower head, and no pressure regulator. It's awesome for the days where I just need the stress to be beat out of me. It's also positioned at a higher point, and being 5'10'', it's usually my preferred choice, because I don't have to duck to wash my hair. My other bathroom (the master bathroom) had this horrible stock shower head, but when the valves and pipes and stuff were put in, they added a water pressure regulator of some sort. I'll admit, I'm totally clueless with the technical name of what it is, but I know that it basically is installed so we have less of a chance to waste water, and that the pressure is a little less than the other bathroom. I like the pressure of this bathroom better, but when I stood in the shower with the old fashioned shower head, the highest I could position it towards was at my chin. It obviously was NOT very good for washing my super thick, curly hair efficiently.

I started researching new shower heads; I researched different ones with bars that I could position higher, and handheld ones, which would make my life easier so I could shave my legs 9 months pregnant, or help Babs really wash her hair completely. Plus, a handheld would help me wash my tub more efficiently. (I hate washing the tub.. I love being able to spray it, walk away, come back and hose it down.) I also checked out regular mounted ones, and really decided I missed having multiple settings- the massage setting is so luxurious sometimes.

I had my search narrowed down to a few different shower heads, one on a re-positionable arm and a smaller handheld one, and and WaterPik one that was just a handheld were my two top choices. The only concern I had about the one with the re-positionable arm was that it would take up half of my stupid shower by the time it was fully installed. Then, I was given the opportunity to review the Waterpik EcoFlow shower head that was already on my list, so I jumped at it!

I had seen some very mixed reviews online for this particular shower head. Most of them dated back to 2010, and any more current reviews seemed much more pleasant, but I was still nervous. Would it  leak? Did it look cheap? Would I hate it?

When the package arrived, the shower head looked like something I would definitely buy should I have physically been in a store shopping for it. It did not look "cheap" in any way, shape, or form. It does look stainless, although it is just chrome finished. I was a little concerned with keeping it clean, but so far, so good.

Brian installed our new shower head in less than ten minutes. The two sides of the hose are clearly labeled, so you screw it onto the right end (the handheld device or the mount). As long as you read the label, and hook the right ends up, there are no leaks. (The ten minutes included removing the hose, and re-securing it the right way, because he didn't read it the first time!)

It has a water volume control on the bottom part of the handle, that you can turn to switch the water pressure down to conserve water. This is great for times where you are deep conditioning your hair or shaving your legs... at least that's what I've used it for, just so I don't have to turn the water off and then back on again.

It makes me feel more eco-conscious, but still allows me to feel pampered and allows the water to stay warm. The EcoFlow shower head packaging says that it saves 1 gallon of water per minute and up to $100 annually (based on only two ten-minute showers a day). Considering the fact that I have four people in my household that take more than ten minute showers, plus a baby on the way, I'm hoping that it really does save us some cash!

There are five settings on the shower head itself: full body (similar to rain), circular massage (pulsates from the middle), power spray (I use this to clean the tub), circular massage + mist (I don't really use this one), and the misting spray (my kids LOVE this setting and I love it for shaving).

Until tonight, the National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation has been encouraging people all over the country to take a pledge to conserve more water and be more eco-friendly around their homes. If you use your zipcode and take the pledge, you can see where you're area ranks in standings, as well as be entered to win prizes.

If you're in the market for a good, quality, eco- conscious, shower head, I definitely would recommend giving this one a try. The Waterpik ECO EcoFlow Handheld Shower Head in Chrome is available online at Amazon, or at retail locations that sell WaterPik products like Lowe's, or straight through the WaterPik EcoFlow online store.

Our friends at MomSelect and WaterPik have offered one of our readers their chance to WIN a WaterPik EcoFlow shower head as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. The retail value of this shower head is approximately $52!

Here's how to enter:
Share with us one way that you try to be "green". Be honest, if you aren't an eco-friendly family, share with us what steps you could try implementing this year! After you've done that, fill out the RaffleCopter widget below to validate your entry and earn extra entries.  (Please allow the widget a moment to load.)

IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT, NONE OF YOUR RAFFLE COPTER ENTRIES WILL COUNT AND I WILL PICK A NEW WINNER. I do verify them all. Please leave your name/email in your comment, so I can pair them up easier. Thank you and good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is open to residents of the US. It ends at 12:01am on 5/6/12. The winner's information must be submitted to our sponsor by 5/7- so PLEASE be on the lookout. Winners are announced by email, on the widget here, and on our Facebook page. Special thanks to MomSelect and WaterPik for allowing us to review this product.


latanya May 01, 2012  

we do not let the water run while brushing our teeth

Lisa May 01, 2012  

We take shorter showers

Kristy May 01, 2012  

We try to take shorter showers

Anonymous,  May 01, 2012  

I try to recycle everything that I can, and we have a rain barrel for watering our garden and flowers!

coriwestphal at msn dot com

Ashley Havrish May 01, 2012  

We make our sons food. We recycle. We try to be as "green" as possible.

Ashley Danielson,  May 01, 2012  

We use reusable water bottles, use energy star-rated light bulbs throughout our home, wash all of our laundry in cold water and turn off all of our power strips when we are not at home and at night.

Laura May 02, 2012  

We use CFL bulbs throughout the house. We also replaced most of our windows with energy efficient windows.

peg42 May 02, 2012  

We recently changed all our bulbs to CFL bulbs and we also stopped using singe serve water bottles and instead use stainless steel refillable bottles.
Thanks so much.

makeetis May 03, 2012  

we have changed some of our light bulbs (but not all). We also have bins for recycling bottles, glass and other things. We also use rain water that we catch in 50 gallon drums that we use for our farm animals instead of using inside water and wasting water and electricity to run it. That is about all for now but we are doing more little bits at a time
Amy Brewer

Michelle Devon (MIchy) May 03, 2012  

We live in Texas, where we often get super summers and have water rationing all during the summer, so we've learned a lot of tricks to conserve water. We only water during non-peak and lower heat parts of the day. I have taught the kids how to fill the sink to wash dishes instead of keeping the water running the whole time, a big saver. We do a lot more, but you said only one way...LOL

Frugal Tumbleweed Acres May 03, 2012  

We recycle aluminum and plastic.

kellyr78 May 03, 2012  

We recycle and try not to leave lights on when we are not in a room or waste electric.

tawndam May 03, 2012  

we recycle as much as we can... & I DO pay attention to how products I buy are packaged... {can I reuse this? Is it approved for me to recycle?)

Shannon Palmer May 03, 2012  

Turn off lights and clea with green products.

coliebear May 04, 2012  

We have recently purchased energy efficient appliances.

Lil Lisa Love May 04, 2012  

how come my commetn isnt showing up? Lisa Clontz

Lil Lisa Love May 04, 2012  

Oh there it goes! Go Green! I would love to win this is my first baby!

Admin May 04, 2012  

we use shower timers
marie howard
howardreviews at gmaildotcom

@nola727 May 04, 2012  

Thanks for the chance to win. I think it's important to have lights on timers; conserve water by saving rain water and using it for plants. Thanks for the chance to win


Julie May 05, 2012  

wash in cold water
use a timer for how long showers can be

Haddad,  May 05, 2012  

wash clothes in cold water
timers on lights

thank you for the chance!
the Haddad family

Anonymous,  May 05, 2012  

Eat vegetarian only


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