Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moshi Monsters: Music Rox! Album Available NOW!

Distributed by Sony Music, Moshi Monsters: Music Rox is available to download for US fans everywhere on iTunes! The album also will be available in retail stores across the US later this year.

 Moshi Monsters, Music Rox! features 12 tracks from popular Moshi Monsters characters, including The MonStars, Dr Strangeglove, Popstar Poppet, Big Bad Bill and Sweet Tooth – as well as brand-new (and monstrously fun!) music characters, Bobbi SingSong and Zack Binspin! Spanning all genres from rock to Bollywood, Moshi Monsters, Music Rox! combines catchy tunes with witty lyrics that will appeal to kids and parents alike.

With 60 million registered users worldwide, Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play, fun-filled virtual world of adorable and adoptable pet monsters, safe social networking, games, educational puzzles, stories and missions for children ages 6-12. For more information about the new album and Moshi Music visit and!

Warning: Some of these songs are really super cute, a tad annoying, but you'll find yourself humming it ten minutes later, and wanting more!!


Ashley Danielson,  May 02, 2012  

too cute! when my little one gets bigger, I'll have to get!


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