Friday, May 18, 2012

There are not enough hours in the day...

So... Nobody warned me that being a mom of two school aged kids and a newborn was CRAZY.

Labor and delivery were not fun, but we both survived, despite a bag of blood, a spinal headache, and a blood patch.

Baby is amazing- Zachary Matthew. I'm in love. Who knew that a heart could just keep expanding the way it does each time you have a child. It's amazing. I'm trying to sort through 2000 emails that came in in the two and a half weeks we spent laid up in the hospital, and during the last few days with all of our after-discharge appointments.

I'm spent. Bri has been so helpful. The kids adore him. Now if only he slept for 5 hours at night instead of during the day- life could go back to its normal chaos.

Thanks for all of the patience you have shown towards us. I am planning on posting several reviews and giveaways this weekend that were scheduled to post the week our new addition joined our family, but I have no idea why it never posted. And some of the coding got all screwy. So I'm working on fixing it all. If you notice anything not loading right, please message us.

Oh, and if you enter our giveaways- which I really hope you do, because the more that enter and visit our site, the cooler stuff we get to giveaway- PLEASE, please, please leave the mandatory comment. It takes all of ten seconds. I cannot tell you how many winners I chose for the last few giveaways that I had to not announce/disqualify because they did not leave us a comment. Thanks to those that do.

I will be posting more pictures of our little man soon.. in the mean time, save your energy for all of the giveaways I'll be posting this weekend.  



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