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ToyDozer Review + Giveaway Ends 5/25

I love legos, and building blocks, puzzles, and all of the other toys that come with teeny tiny pieces. My problem with them is that every time the kids play with them, they remain all over the floor, until I have to threaten them that I will throw them away, vacuum them up, or never buy them again. Cleaning up these super fun, yet incredibly messy toys are one of my biggest battles with my kids. Until recently, I had no idea how to try to convince them that cleaning up these toys, in fact could be fun.
While trying to come up with a solution to help our problem, we stumbled upon an ingenious contraption called the TOYDOZER. This innovative new product promises to make the clean up process fun and efficient for both parents and kids. The Toydozer is simple and easy to use, and the results are dramatic. The “gatherer” is designed to work like the blade of a bulldozer and the “scoop” is modeled after a bulldozer scoop. Users hold on to the “gatherer” to collect small toys into the lightweight “scoop” and then dump the toys into their respective toy bins or containers.

With just a few scoops of the Toydozer, clean up time is over in no time. As mom to seven-year-old Harry, Toydozer creator Amy Bradley knows what it is like to be constantly picking up toys. “At the end of a long day, I dreaded cleaning up all of my son’s toys -- whether it was trains, safari animals, Duplo blocks or LEGOS -- spread out all over the floor,” Amy says. “After some brainstorming, I came up with a simple tool that made cleaning up easy and fun for all of us and the Toydozer was born!”

The Toydozer has a variety of uses and applications, depending on your clean up needs. Whether you are tackling a pile of LEGOS, Polly Pockets, or wooden blocks, the Toydozer will help you get the job done. This product is also a great way to teach kids responsibility by involving them in clean up time. TheToydozer is an essential clean-up tool in classrooms, day cares, play spaces or anywhere kids play.

The Toydozer retails for $18.99, ships free anywhere in the United States and Canada. The product is available exclusively on the website. It comes in three vibrant colors: blue, yellow and purple. Each Toydozer features orange Velcro tabs that attach the gatherer to the scoop when not in use for easy storage. I love this part. Seriously love it. I cannot tell you how many times I go to get my dustpan and the small brush is nowhere to be seen or heard of. The kids love playing with the ToyDozer, pretending that they are construction vehicles, even beeping while they back up. Everything stays all together, which means that there's no more scrambling for the pieces of something else specifically designed for clean-up. The best part is that even Abbie has stuff in her room that the ToyDozer is great at picking up. She LOVES puzzles. Some puzzle pieces are much easier than others, but I love that it keeps her busy picking them up!

The reality is that most of us will never love cleaning up, but the Toydozer helps everyone get the job done fast and move onto something they would rather be doing. Less cleaning means more playing!

For more product information, please visit Follow ToyDozer on Twitter (@toydozer) and Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest promotions and see the Toydozer in action!

Our friends at ToyDozer have offered our readers their chance to score one of these for free! Here's how:

Click on the comment link and tell us which toy(s) you hate pulling out for your child to play with because of how much of a mess it makes, and why you should win!

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Caitlin McClure May 20, 2012  

Would love this!

Ashley Danielson,  May 21, 2012  

my son would go crazy for this!

Anonymous,  May 21, 2012  

My son would love this. He plays with matchbox cars and the toydozer would be perfect when its time to scoop them up. Plus what boy doesn't like playing with heavy equipment toys. This looks like a really fun toy and woold make clean up time slot easier and fun. Jennifer rybenski.

debijackson May 22, 2012  

i hate picking up the legos and megabloks so this would be great

debijackson May 22, 2012  

left commment as debijackson
rafflecopter entry as debbie jackson

Anonymous,  May 22, 2012  

They never pick them all up & boy do you know when you've stepped on one.
rierie11booger (@)

Monica May 22, 2012  

Definitely Play Dough. Ugh!


Shiney Aim May 22, 2012  

all the toy cars and track (shineyaim at gmail dot com)

Lindsey Gain May 22, 2012  

My daughter would love this! It would be great to scoop up legos or all of her mini lalaloopsy stuff!

Tamar May 23, 2012  

Blocks and cars! So many of them.

Tam Sweeps is my Rafflecopter name, tamarsweeps at gmail is the associated login.


Valerie Taylor Mabrey May 24, 2012  

I would love this for the legos
vmkids3 at msn dot com

Sherry May 24, 2012  

I love this idea.. we are always picking up legos

Suzie Williams May 25, 2012  

Legos. They drive me crazy. Oh, and those little beads that you put on the pegs and iron together. My daughter spills the beads everywhere all the time! This would make it easier to wrangle those up!

Anonymous,  May 25, 2012  

i hate pulling out legos

CAJUNMAN12 May 25, 2012  

This would make it fun to clean up

Candice May 25, 2012  

I hate pulling out the building blocks/legos. They get everywhere and half way through picking them up, my son always says his arms are too tired to pick them all up. With this, he couldn't use that excuse and could spare mommy's poor feet stomping on the blocks in the dark. Thank you!
candicesweeps at yahoo dot com

shirley H,  May 25, 2012  

I hate cleaning up that moon sand! what a nasty mess...i need to win because my grandson would love it

laurasloves May 25, 2012  

I am not sure who would love this more, my son or me! He has so many little Legos and they are so hard to pick up. This is such a great toy!
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com


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