Monday, September 3, 2012

Never Again Sketchers- Epic Fail

You think I would have learned last year. Last year, Abbie wanted the light up Twinkle Toes just like every other little girl out there. We searched high and low and got her the perfect pair, and made her kindergarten life complete. Then the jewels started to pop off one by one, to the point that we gave up gluing random replacements on and threw them out.

Marissa came up with a great DIY Twinkle Toes that cost about $3, plus random craft items from her craft box. We made the kids some Sparkle Faux sneakers, and called it a day.

So this year, my daughter wanted pink and white sparkly shoes. We fell in love with a pair of discontinued Nikes, and searched everywhere for a similar replacement. A friend of ours, (my kids call her grandma) sent a pair of adorable Sketchers that met the bill, and Abbie fell in love! They were white, and had pink striped soles, pink sparkly liner and insoles, silver sparkles in the laces, and even (detachable) sparkly pom-poms on the heel. She was so excited to wear them for school.

She wore them twice, and now I'm searching for a new pair of sneakers for her. Why? Because the picture above shows the ONLY part of both shoes that does not look torn up. The pom-poms fall off, and she gets frustrated, but that can be over looked. It turns out that on almost EVERY seam line, the "pleather" has pulled away, shredded, and disintegrated. We have no animals, but I would say they look like a dog chewed them up! She wore them TWO times. On non- PE days.. and this is what they look like:

None of her other shoes look like this!!! Her cheap, sparkly-Walmart's own- black sneakers that she's worn for PE don't look like this. What the heck, Sketchers?!?! (Oh and for what it's worth, the shoes are not really that dirty- the worn areas pick up our ashy dirt like nobody's business. Plus, the under layer is like a yellow/grey almost cloth texture.)

Sketchers used to be a brand that meant 'stylish, quality footwear for the family'. To our family it now means 'we will never buy again'. Plain and simple. I don't think it would be that bad if it was just us. But since I've been stewing on this post this entire week, I posted a picture to facebook, and received SEVERAL other messages from friends and family that said that their child's Sketchers fell apart less than a month after they started wearing them.

I am really unhappy about our experience, and I wanted to make sure that I shared this post with you, to forewarn you in case you have a similar experience. I know that not all shoes are created equally, but I never expected this from Sketchers.

What brand of back to school shoes did you get for your child? Now I need to hunt for a cute pair of every day sneakers for my daughter.


Stef plus 3 September 03, 2012  

we had the same experience with sketchers...never again here too!!! Mya has a few pairs, sauconys from stride rite, converse and a dress pair from famous footwear. She has a pair of keens and I'm planning on getting her a pair of their boots for cold weather. They've lasted great! She had another pair of sacuonys that she outgrew in size before they wore out....great quality~

Maryann,  September 03, 2012  

We had the same experience. I won't buy them anymore either. They fall apart like crazy. We buy the Stride Rite ones called Glitzy Pets now. They hold up really well!

Jennifer Tyree September 03, 2012  

My son has Airwalks from Payless, they last him quite a while, and he gives them a beating at school! So shocked that cheap shoes can last so long.
That sucks that Sketchers don't last long at all, and you would think they would as they are a name brand shoe.

4BabyAndMom September 04, 2012  

Thanks ladies! I am soooo ticked!! With Alex, he LIVED in Vans. He was so hard on his shoes, too. I don't have a Vans store nearby, but I have to just take my little lady shoe shopping by ourselves. She's such a diva lately and ONLY wants pink, white and sparkly. *sigh*

Staci September 06, 2012  

My experience with this company has been great! I had a pair that I bought that did some of these same things. It was as if they weren't sewn correctly. I sent them pics of the shoes through e-mail and I even had the receipt and they not only sent me another pair of the exact same shoe but a coupon for 50% off my next pair! These things do happen and if you reach out to the companies before bashing them they usually will make things right for you! I hope you get to return them. Good luck!

4BabyAndMom September 07, 2012  

Hi Staci- we did send an email, so far no response. With all of my reviews, I state my experience. I'm glad your experience was different than mine. I will update the post should Sketchers respond back. All I got was an auto-reply.


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