Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mega Bloks Lil Princess Party

Mega Bloks has a brand new line of toys geared specifically for girls. Mega Bloks Lil Princess introduces a construction set in pastel pink, blue, orange and green that's enticing for preschool and young girls alike. With names like Princess Dewdrop and Sunray, girls will find themselves in a world of royal make-believe. Also available is a three-story Enchanted Castle, a Twinkling Castle, and a Magic Carriage.

My oldest is a boy, so Abbie often "gets stuck" playing with all of his toys. She's adopted a lot of his likes, and that's perfectly fine for us. Of the many things she enjoys, she LOVES to build. Recently, other toys originally geared for boys have come out with new girl-inspired lines, and while awesome, they're still just a little too detailed or advanced for Abbie. Not only that, she got so frustrated when all of the little pieces from the play set that she got her last birthday seemed to disappear. I find she gravitates to the Mega Bloks while her brother creates with tinier blocks.

I have nothing against primary colored toys- in fact I usually love that they can be gender neutral, and encourages both boys and girls to create open-mindedly. I must say though, that I love that Mega Bloks has come out with the new Lil Princess line of building blocks and pretend play items. I love that girls can build on the castle grounds, encouraging imaginative play beyond their wildest dreams. The chunky pieces don't get lost easily, and the girls that came over to experience them ranged from a year old to age six, and ALL of them enjoyed the play sets, "ponies" (they're really unicorns), and princesses. They tried to build fortresses (many have older brothers), and Abbie even ran to get some of Alex's robots- who tried to terrorize the Princess Land.

Overall, the girls had a blast, and the mama's enjoyed receiving a great coupon for coming to our Lil Princess Playdate. They enjoyed eating pink cupcakes, and coloring in princess crowns.

About the products:

The 3-Story Enchanted Castle comes with a sheet of stickers so your Lil Princess can decorate the castle however she fancies. (We kept the stickers hidden for the purpose of the party, because we didn't want any tears or arguments.) There's a spinning platform for the princess and her pony to twirl around on, and the girls loved the fact that all of the doors could open and close.

The Princess' tiara pops up when she's standing at the overpass, the girls thought that was "cool!"
and the sparkly tops of the towers were "pretty".  There are different ways that the girls could build up on the castle, making it the perfect palace, every time.

Princess Starlight (pink), and Princess Sunray (orange) are also pictured above. They come with their ponies, (who have removable wings), and a few blocks to add onto your play set with.

The girls did not play with the Magic Carriage, but we used it as a raffle for the moms who came to join us. It was just for the moms, so the girls didn't get upset. The mommy that won decided she's going to keep it for a holiday gift for her Lil Princess, and went out and got a playset to join it.

The Magic Carriage is adorable! One pony pulls it, and when the princess has reached her destination, it can be taken apart and the cutest gazebo can be built with its parts.

Tons of sparkles are all over this carriage's components, making it a great addition for this play set.

Part of me wishes it sat a little higher, allowing more of the building pieces and/or accessories to be stored in there.

It's a great size for any child 1-5, and a great way for them to experience Mega Bloks.

Keep in mind, although Abbie is 6, this was still appropriate for her. She loved the way she could manipulate the playset, and didn't get frustrated as easily as she does with other toys geared for 6+.

If you're looking for a great gift for your Lil Princess, add this one to the list, because I'm sure this line will be amongst the hot sellers this November and December.

Special thanks to our friends at Mega Bloks for allowing us to host a MommyParties Party through MomSelect, and for providing us and our guests with toys to review and enjoy.



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