Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fall/Winter Clearance Sale Now at SEARS!

Just in time for the new school year, I found that Sears was much more than an appliance store. I had never really shopped there before (for anything other than the appliances), but I was so excited when a friend of mine took me to shop in their kids department. At Sears, you'll find brand names for babies and children from Carter's, Little Wonders, Dockers and Disney that are offered at the best prices and super adorable. I stocked up on clothes for my son for Back-to-School, and even shopped Sears again for the holidays. The kids looked great in beautiful, quality designer clothes, and my wallet and my husband thanked me.

I love shopping for new tops at Sears. I'm a jeans and tee-shirt kind of girl, but the tops that are available at Sears always add sensible style to my wardrobe. I love being able to wear a pretty top with my jeans, and then throw on heels to go out after a long day home with the kids.

Whether you're looking for something for baby or for yourself, right now Sears is offering 75% - 80% off original prices on Fall and Winter Apparel from now until April 18th. Click Here


WhimsicalXpressions April 07, 2009  

Oh yeah, I discovered Sears clearance in college...they have a TON of cute stuff for super low prices when they do a clearance!


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