Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sugar & Spice, and EVERYTHING Nice, at Three Peas Co.!

Abbigaile loves to twirl, and spin and wear frilly stuff, but usually within minutes she's trying to dig, or pick up a frog, or play in some mud or trees.

When our Pettiskirt and tank (and matching bow!) came in the mail from THREE PEAS CO. Abbie literally shrieked with excitement, "Look Mommy!!! It's mine dress?!?!?!"

"On my dress Mommy? On my dress!"

I couldn't get it out of the box, and on her quick enough! As soon as I tied the back of her skirt, she started twirling.

"Look Mommy, I daaaan sin!"

"I so priddy Mommy.. Mommy, you love my dress? An my flow-Er? An my priddy bow?"

"I beautiful mommy! I hap-eeeeeee!" *melt*

Love at first sight is not even the phrase to describe how deeply she fell in love with this pettiskirt. It's so full and light and fluffy! It looks so cute, and EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE we go comments about this outfit.

Sure enough about an hour into her twirling and spinning and mini photo shoot, Abbie wanted to play. She hopped on her bike, and started pedaling to our neighbor's house.

"I go show CT's mommy my new dress. Ok Mommy? Come on Mommy!"

Every time she wears this outfit, you can tell she feels like a million bucks! She just needs to show everyone, and anyone, and tell them all about it!

The customer service at THREE PEAS CO. is unbeatable. I had several questions about their products and sizes, and their answers were quick, friendly and professional. The quality in their products are amazing, and all of the items themselves are just so sweet! I had an opportunity to speak with owner Antoinette Newhouse, about our children, their products, their company, family and so much more. It was so pleasurable to find a real company with a real family behind it. A company that believes in family first, and follows through with their word. Companies like that are unfortunatley very hard to find, and those of you that have followed me for awhile should know that I strive to find that quality in the companies we review. Oh, and just so Alex didn't feel left out, Antoinette at Three Peas Co. sent my son his very own special gift- a Skitter! (Talk about a cool toy!)Recently featured at the 2009 Oscar's red carpet style lounge, THREE PEAS CO. has been named as a favorite among celebrity parents. My family has officially fallen head over heels for THREE PEAS CO. and we are pretty certain you will too!

Want it?
Head over to THREE PEAS CO. and check out their beautiful selection of items for girls and boys, and be sure to mention that you heard about their company on 4BabyAndMom!

Antoinette from THREE PEAS CO. has offered one lucky reader the chance to win their very own pettiskirt for the little lady in their life! Winner gets to choose between hot pink, black or light pink.

Madatory entry: Go visit THREE PEAS CO. and browse their products. While you're there, join their "Family of Friends" mailing list. Come back here and tell me after you've signed up, and let me know what item you adore (other than the pettiskirt!)!

Extra Entries:
  • Email at least three of your friends and CC: 4BabyAndMom{at}Gmail{dot}com
  • Stumble, Digg or fave this post on Technorati.
This giveaway will end on Friday, April 10th at midnight. Winner will be chosen using Mandatory entry must be completed before extra entries, and will be verified. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Special thanks to Antoinette at Three Peas Co. for sponsoring this giveaway.


andrea v April 02, 2009  

petti dress in hot pink with the attached leapord print is so cute. Also the tutu's are pretty.
Signed up for family and friends

Anonymous,  April 02, 2009  

I signed up for family and friends. I love the tank tops...they'd look adorable with a petti!

stef btb
cunninghamfamily at gmail dot com

Teresa April 02, 2009  

I joined the family and friends mailing list. I loooove the blue petty dress. So cute. I also love the tutu's and tank tops. Of course my fave is the pettiskirt ;)

Katherine April 02, 2009  

I just joined the family and friends mailing list. I love the pillowcase dresses. OMG, I would totally die if we won the pettiskirt!!!!

Jenn (BTB-BarefootMama),  April 02, 2009  

I love the pillowcase shirts- so cute! I joined Family of Friends too! Molly would flip if she got a pettiskirt!

jmbarefoot at aol dot com

Whimsical Creations April 02, 2009  

Love the large flower headband!

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Kelli April 05, 2009  

I signed up! I love all of their stuff, but my favorite is the pettidress (what a great idea!)

Celeste April 05, 2009  

Joined their mailing list! Love the Ninnie blanket :)

contact me at:

Celeste April 05, 2009  

I'm now folloing Three Peas Co's blog!!

contact me at:


floral black pillowcase dresses

jdine April 06, 2009  

I love the New Spring Summer Floral skirted baby gown.

~~~KnM's Mom~~~ April 06, 2009  

I love the white & pink pettiskirt with pink polka dot!
I signed up for family and friends!
correaohana at gmail dot com

~~~KnM's Mom~~~ April 06, 2009  

I follow their blog.

~~~KnM's Mom~~~ April 06, 2009  

OOps. I love all their pettiskirts and also love their Floral skirted ruffle cute! I wasn't sure if I could choose a different pettiskirt as one of my favorite items in their store for my first entry...sorry! love their shop!

jenny April 06, 2009  

wow thay are all so cute as for me i dont have a fave but i would love to try and win this for my girl and well any one will do . thanks

jenny April 06, 2009  

i follow as well

Mommy April 06, 2009  

Ok, Lauren. I signed up for their list.

I ADORE the little cupcake hair clips!!! I am tempted to wear them myself!

I signed up on Twitter for you and them. ;-) And tweeted about it. :)

And I followed their blog. :)

denise April 06, 2009  

I just signed up.

The Large Hair flower headbands are adorable!

Anonymous,  April 06, 2009  

It's often hard to find "cool" clothes for little boys so I'm pleased they have things for them too! Like the"rocker beanie"!!!

pamelashockley(at)netscape(dot)net,  April 06, 2009  

Okay. I did it, I joined the mailing list. Their clothing is really very cute. I can see why little girls feel like a princess.

I like the ribbon shirts and the Ninnie Blankets. I could've used one, when my children were babies. My daughter has never been much for bows, but they are cute. (And yes...I like the pettiskirts.)

gkstratos April 06, 2009  

I like the Floral Black Pillowcase Dress. Signed up for their mailing list.

gkstratos April 06, 2009  

Following 4Baby & 3 Peas on Twitter & tqweeted:

sweetsue April 06, 2009  

I signed up! My favorite item is the adorable Black pettidress with leopard!
smchester at gmail dot com

casey aubut April 06, 2009  

I signed up! I also love the Boys "Guitat "Crown" Too cute!!

pam April 06, 2009  


I signed up for the newsletter. My favourite item is Floral skirted ribbon leggings.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Tara April 07, 2009  

I signed up for the family and friends! I love the Spring Summer Floral skirted baby gown!!

cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tara April 07, 2009  

I followed both on Twitter @notsoperfect2!


cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

kerri,  April 07, 2009  

i need this skirt!!! its so cute i like it in the hot pink and black..i also enjoy their tutus and hair

Anonymous,  April 07, 2009  

oh and i signed up for their news letter

Andreah April 07, 2009  

I signed up for their newsletter. I love the new Floral skirted ruffle onesies. Too cute!

Andreah April 07, 2009  

I follow you both on Twitter (simplyandreah)
and tweeted here:

Andreah April 07, 2009  

I stumbled this post.

Andreah April 07, 2009  

I couldn't find the follow link on her blog so I subscribed instead.

kerri,  April 07, 2009  

I emailed three friends and you.

Oh, and I was the other annonymous poster under my last comment- I forgot to include my email. Please let me know if theres a problem. Thanks for the entry!

mogrill April 08, 2009  

LOVE the White and Pink Pettiskirt! Thanks for the chance.

Mia J. April 08, 2009  

I really like the black floral pillowcase shirt. I joined family and friends mailing list.

JULIE April 09, 2009  

I joined the family and friends mailing list. If I was to choose one, I'd pick the pettidress with the black onesie and the bright blue skirt...and I'd get it in probably a size two...cause by that time, a girlie would be loving to twirl!!

Katherine April 09, 2009  

I am now a follower of Three Peas Co.'s blog!

Shanna April 09, 2009  

I joined Family and friends

I love the pillowcase dresses!! Everything is so pretty!


Shanna April 09, 2009  

I emailed my friends about the contest


Katherine April 09, 2009  

I fav'd this on Technorati (KatherineD1230). I hope I did it right!

Sherry R April 09, 2009  

I just joined the family and friends mailing list. My favorite is the Floral skirted ribbon leggings!

jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

Sherry R April 09, 2009  

I'm following Three Peas Co.

jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

Sherry R April 09, 2009  

Favorited you on Technorati (SherryR)

jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

carroe,  April 09, 2009  

I love the paci clips! Signed up for their list at
sassycarrie @ gmail . com

Sonya April 09, 2009  

I love the pettidress too!

Amy April 09, 2009  

I signed up. I also love the black floral pillowcase dress. Thanks for the chance to win!

Melissa,  April 09, 2009  

I signed up for family of friends and they have so much cute stuff. I liked the tank tops and the hair bows

Heather April 09, 2009  

The floral skirted baby gown is too cute

LADYHIGHTOWER April 10, 2009  


LADYHIGHTOWER April 10, 2009  


Mommyhood is Thankless April 10, 2009  

I am a subscriber to their mailing list and I love Fruit punch leopard print clip!


Mommyhood is Thankless April 10, 2009  

I stumbled your giveaway

Username: wastebasketsa

Anonymous,  April 10, 2009  

I love the pettiskirts and the paci clips too!!!

I signed up for their list :)


Gianna April 10, 2009  

I love their pacifier clips :)
I just subscribed.

purango April 10, 2009  

I adore the Black Floral pillowcase shirt.

Lauren @4BabyAndMom April 11, 2009  

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who participated. Entries will be validated and announced Monday, April 13th.

Special thanks to Three Peas Co. for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway!


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