Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April is Autism Awareness Month

Last November, school officials at Alex's old school confronted me with the possibility that he might have a form of high functioning Autism. The possibility alone scared me, crushed me, and made me question the years I spent as a teacher's aide three years before I had Alexzander. During those years I helped teach children with disabilities, kids the schools couldn't handle- or didn't want to handle. I wondered how as a mom, and an educator I could have missed tell-tale signs that point in that direction. Every parenting decision I ever made came flooding back to me, and I questioned it all. I did research, and pulled up new articles, books and discoveries from my library and the internet. I did my best to re-educate me, in case this possibility was to become our reality.

Among the many resources I found, I met a wonderful woman named Maryann. Maryann writes her own blog at MATTHEW'S PUZZLE, talking of the growth and acheivements her son Matthew has accomplished, and his journey- their journey, together as a family. Maryann is not only an inspiration, but she's an amazing friend, and a great writer.

This month, to celebrate and raise Autism Awareness, MATTHEW'S PUZZLE is hosting an Autism Awareness celebration and giving away many items that she's found through her journey and experience with Matthew. Although the celebration ends on the 24th, the entry deadline is May 1st. Click on the banner below to read more about these exciting product reviews, (and more about Matthew's Puzzle), and help spread the word- AUTISM IS TREATABLE!

Matthew's Puzzle



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