Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sarah McLachlan: Laws of Illusion ~7 years in the making and well worth the wait!

I first need to start this review by telling you that I absolutely love Sarah McLachlan. There may be points in this review where I sound like a gushing fan, but I am, so.. that's my disclaimer. My first "official" job (aka, one that I worked more than a month) was at a music store. I worked there for almost 3 years, and I'll never forget during one part of my interview I was asked what my favorite album was. Without blinking I told them it was Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. When I was a teen I went to all of Sarah McLachlan's concerts in New York, including the Lilith Fair, and went to the Junior Prom just because they chose one of her songs.

From Arista & the One2One Network

The Grammy® award winning, multi-platinum singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan is set to release her long awaited new album, LAWS OF ILLUSION on June 15th. This marks Sarah's first studio album of brand new material in 7 years. The album’s first single is called, “Loving You Is Easy”.

This summer, the historic all-female Lilith Fair festival returns! From 1997 through 1999, Lilith Fair was one of the highest grossing touring festivals in the world, with over 2 million fans in attendance and raising over $10 million dollars for national and local women's charities.

In a career spanning more than two decades, Sarah has over 20 million career sales to date and, every one of Sarah McLachlan’s studio and live albums has been certified gold, platinum, or multi-platinum by the RIAA.
I usually hate when "old" artists try to make a comeback seven to ten years up the road. Their voices always sound older, and the album usually doesn't compare to any of their previous releases. There might be one song which you can tolerate, perhaps even like, but that is not the case with this album- AT ALL.

Even though this is the first album recorded in seven years, Sarah McLachlan is like wine, or cheese, in the sense that the time has done her well. Filled with the light and airy vocals that mesmerize and capture your soul, the new album Laws of Illusion is more than magic- it's incredible. Hands down my new favorite, although some classics will hold a special part in my heart, I cannot rave about this album enough. 

If you are active online, follow @SarahMcLachlan on Twitter to get the inside scoop on where you can catch free videos, downloads (like Starbuck's free iTunes pick of the week!!) and interviews that ask everything you want to know about the new album.

Along with the release of Laws of Illusion, the Lilith Fair is coming to a town near you this summer. For more information on how to buy tickets, or for the lineup visit the LilithFair.com.

For more information on Laws of Illusion or to listen to the tracks, visit Sarah McLachlan's Facebook fan page now!

Special thanks to the One2One Network and Arista for allowing us to review LAWS OF ILLUSION at no cost and before the release date.



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