Monday, June 14, 2010

Is it September yet?

Technically, I should be asking if it was August yet, because that is when both of my kiddos go back to school. Part of me is kidding, but the other part totally isn't.

The kids have been at each other's throat for the past four days, and I'm ready to pull my hair out. A bald bridesmaid would not be pretty, so I am trying to restrain. Today we have appointments up the wazoo.. I know the first week or so is rough (packed with appointments you couldn't get done while the kids were in school)- but dear God, give me strength.

What are you and YOUR family doing this week?


Dee June 14, 2010  

LOL! Hope things are less stressful for you!

We got back from the beach this weekend so we're being lazy around the house this week.

Lauren @4BabyAndMom June 15, 2010  

Mmmm, a lazy day after the beach. I think we're going to head to our neighbors pool today. I think that will get their energy out a little. :) Have a great summer!

lfhpueblo June 15, 2010  

Poem: The Bald Bridesmaid
I'm a mom and my kids have just gotten out of school for the summer,
the past four days have been a total bummer.
The kids have been at each others throats,
picking, pushing, shoving like Billy Goats.
They are restless and appointments we must go to are no fun,
it's so hard rounding them all up to get on the road that I kind of wish I had a stun gun.
There's been so much stress here this past week that I'll tell you,
I pulled out a stand of my hair or really more than a few.
Now I'm soon to have a bridesmaid duty to perform,
and I know a bald bridesmaid is not the norm,
so help me God to stop pulling out my hair and weather the kids at home storm.
I know they go back to school in August two thousand and ten,
but can I pray it's today if that isn't a sin.


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