Thursday, August 19, 2010

Make Mealtime Fun with mOmma!

We've had the great pleasure of having a baby in the house again! We are in charge of a beautiful 6 month old who has definitely been keeping us on our toes. She's at the perfect age and loves to play, touch, and experience everything. On top of that, she's kind of picky. She's our kind of baby, especially since we've recently had the opportunity to review a BUNCH of baby stuff.

Thanks to Team Mom, we had an opportunity to review some fabulous products by mOmma. 'mOmma' produces an innovative line of feeding time products made specifically for little hands.

Bright colors, fun shapes, and functionality are on the top of our pro's list, as the little lady that put this cup to the test! The con's list was fairly short.. but nothing out of the norm for any mom of a baby-on-the-go. Because of the curve of the mOmma Rocking Cup, Baby loved to push the cup all over the floor! Because of the design, we did not have spills, and it didn't go hay-wire rolling and squirting all over like other sippy cups we've had in the past.

I love the idea behind the products, as little hands fit very comfortably over the handles and body of the cup. mOmma carries a variety of products specifically for little ones, including teethers, bottles, cups, plates and silverware. You don't have to stress about washing these products out, because they even have a great bottle brush made just for all of the curves inside and outside of their products.

I think the silverware are just amazing! Easy for tiny fingers to grasp, these tools can greatly decrease feeding time frustrations. They are perfect for home, day care, grandma's, or on the go. When both of my kids were babies, how I wished for a product like these! Completely genius, extremely practical, functional and fun- what more could you ask for?

The Developmental Meal Set comes with both a fork and a spoon, to grow with baby from 4 months and up. The plate is divided into two compartments to separate foods, and allow your child to learn to dip and promote taste differention. The plate is designed with a non-slip, non-tip base which helps to keep things grounded.

All of the mOmma products range from about $7.25 for an individual product, to about $22 for a whole set, making these products practical for any budget.

Look for mOmma products online, follow mOmma on Facebook or Twitter to learn about current promotions, products and special offers. In fact, right now mOmma is running a "Messiest mOments" photo contest on Facebook where the winner will receive a mOmma prize pack valued at over $100! What are you waiting for? Go check them out, let me know what you think, and be sure to tell them that you read about them here- at 4BabyAndMom!

Special thanks, again, to Team Mom and mOmma for allowing us to review this exciting line of products!


Eunice August 31, 2010  

Interesting info! I enjoy reading these types of posts.


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