Wednesday, November 24, 2010

About One- One Site for Your Whole Life Review + Giveaway

This review is a little different than most reviews I do, because I'm really, really over protective of my children and my personal information (like social security codes, birth certificates, etc). I am also crazy disorganized when it comes to my files. I try to keep things in one place, then I need them for an appointment, or my husband needs to update records with work, and I go for them the next time, and have to rip through the house because they're not in the file they're supposed to be in, I get uber upset, to the point of tears, then they turn up, and I put them back in the box they belong in. It's insane.

Recently I was introduced to this website called About One, and asked to log into my new account to learn about it, customize it, and post on 4BabyAndMom what I thought about it. I loved the cute intro video and felt very optimistic about the site. Check out the video here:

To log in, try it for free, and/or sign up for an account, it was super easy. It took only a few moments, but after that was when I really had to take a minute to learn the site. Don't get me wrong, the site is very user friendly, but this time of year,especially, I am a uber busy mom on the go. I can only add morsels at a time. For a new or expectant mom, I could see getting off to a great start in 'Mom-dom' by signing up for About One.. in fact, I wish this site existed when I was pregnant with my oldest!

Experienced moms have a lot to gain from About One, as well. (Especially if you have a smart phone.) I have a newer phone, but it's google based, so I cannot access anything online that most smart phones can until I get my new phone this February; until then, my phone is only a little brighter than the rest. But I digress... I love the fact that if your precious bundle of joy has to head to the ER for some reason that when they ask you for their social security number, you don't have to call your grandmother who lives 1500 miles away, because she's the only one who has it besides you. You can pull up the scanned copy of their social and give it right to the doctor there. I cannot tell you how many times I've needed my little one's social and haven't had it. I have Alex's social memorized, but I cannot get Abbie's if you paid me. That mere factor alone is worth its weight in gold.

I could see this site being especially great for moms of tweens and teens. With 900 different clubs and sports and lessons, and multiple children who use the internet regularly, About One could really help bridge that communication gap a lot of parents have with their older kids. No more fighting about events that they swear they told you about months ago, or practice they almost slept through.

I also love the fact that you can add family members to receive a newsletter of all of the events and pictures you've uploaded to About One. In the past, I've used picture sites to keep record of our special events, edited text underneath and that's how my family got the scoop on what was going on in our world. What I don't like is that I haven't been able to see if you can add family members email addresses to receive the newsletter without officially adding them to your family that you're updating. This option may be available, but I have not had the option to really search for it.

Uploading photos is super easy, and very quick. I was very impressed with this feature. I also love the bulletin board that shows up as you're adding new events, upcoming events or important information. I am still learning how to really use the site, and I know that after our upcoming move, the craziness of the holidays, and well, everything else life dished at us this season that I will be able to really figure it out and customize it completely to our needs.

All in all, the site is really easy to use, it is secure and safe, and it's available to access through your mobile phone. Three really big plusses in this day and age.

Our new friends at About One have offered a free year membership to 5 of our lucky readers!!

Here's How:
Go check out About One. Poke around and come back here and leave me a comment saying why you think you'd like to try their site. Will it help you with organization? Do you have a scatterbrained spouse that needs constant reminders? Busy kids with different schedules of sports and after school activities?? Sign up for a free trial, if you'd like.


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Cool Baby Kid November 25, 2010  

Looks great!!


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