Thursday, November 18, 2010

The only bank worth investing in

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Are you or a loved one expecting a little blessing soon? This can be such an exciting time for anyone; all to quickly plans start being drawn for the future--painting the nursery, putting together furniture- like jigsaw puzzles, and even college funds. Another thing that begins to cross your mind at an increasing rate is your child's health. One way to protect their future is to save their cord blood. Cord blood is truly a miraculous thing! Umbilical cord stem cells are known to treat over 75 diseases and have been used in over 12,000 transplants worldwide. Your baby is only born once, and that is the only time these stem cells can be harvested. It makes too much sense not to do this.

Cryocell International is the industry's family bank leader with more quality accredidations than any private bank can offer. Cryocell was established in 1989, three years before any other well known banks and registries, and are also FDA registered--so they are a name you can trust with your child's precious cord-blood.

I know in this trying economic time you may think that this may not be financially feesible, but it isn't as expensive as you may think. The total price for the first year fees of cord blood services at Cryo-Cell are only $1720! This is not much when you consider how beneficial securing this blood can be for your new child. Cryo-cell's costs beats the other cord banks prices by over $400, which means you will have more to spend on diapers, and toys, and cute little outfits!!

For more information on CryoCell and to compare against other leading banks and registries, visit Cryo-Cell

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Anonymous,  November 24, 2010  

Great post and thank you for bringing the importance to stem cells to light.. There are other wonderful companies out there, working very hard to bring this program to more families by making it more affordable, working with insurance companies to help them assist in banking your baby's cord cord. Cord blood stem cells can help treat over 70 diseases for not only your baby, but family members as well.. This is the medicine of the future.. Here is a new promo, just for this holiday season $200 Savings!!


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