Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't Fret The Sweat!

Unilever, the makers of Degree, Dove and Suave deodorant offers support for these difficult times.. You know the times where your tween or almost tween starts to have funny smells. {Yeah, I've totally hit that time in my life, and I cried when I bought my son his first stick of deodorant a few weeks ago!!}

The tween years are full of changes. Whether or not parents are ready, their kids’ bodies are trying to tell them something. Increased hormones are causing noticeable differences like growth spurts and strange new odors. But don’t let the unexpected stink scare you; it’s just a sign of great things to come.

Unilever - the maker of Degree, Dove and Suave deodorants - wants to ensure parents and kids remain cool, calm and confident throughout the day - especially during those sweat-inducing moments.

Check out Facebook.com/DontFretTheSweat for money saving offers and expert tips, tools and real life stories about how parents are communicating and transitioning their tweens into confident and self-reliant teens.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me, as my son delves head first into the world of smelly pits and crazy hygeine habits. If I make it through the smell coming off of his feet right now, I can survive anything!!

Special thanks to the One2One Network for presenting me with the opportunity to share this promotion with my readers. By posting this article, I have been entered to win a gift card.



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