Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy July! *WIN 100 Prints from SHUTTERFLY!* Ends 7/13

Summer is under-way, and the memories are rolling in. It's been an INSANE two months here. I cannot believe my new little bundle is already 8 weeks old. Life with three kids is crazy! I honestly have no idea how parents with more than two children live to tell about it... and why they don't warn the rest of us how chaotic three (or more) are!

That being said, I love having a baby in the house again. The coo's and goo's, the new wonder in his eyes as he's seeing things for the first time, learning about everything he touches.. I'm head over heels in love!! The big kids are such great helpers.

Tropical Storm Debby hit us pretty hard. Our block flooded, and we had some water come into the house.. not as bad as some of our neighbors, but it was the first time I've ever experienced a true flash flood. It was kind of scary.
The same view... outside the front of our house within 15 minutes.
Thankfully, our immediate area, no houses were catastrophically affected. In my old neighborhood, where I lived just a year ago, most of the houses in the whole subdivision had 4-18 inches of water in them.
My heart hurts for my old neighbors, many of them lost the entire contents of their house and garage. I am grateful that they are all ok, physically, but emotionally, they all need your prayers.

My mom started chemo this week. Turns out the pain she was feeling by her gallbladder was not her gallbladder.. Her breast cancer (which she's a survivor of- three years this month) settled in her liver. It's been a heck of a journey with my mom. She's a fighter- and she's determined not to let this disease get her.  Any well wishes for her would be greatly appreciated. If you comment on Facebook, she actually reads that. ;)

We were supposed to have a fourth of July get together at our house, but our pool was three and a half inches underwater, and our pump motor is shot. Who knows what we're going to do for the fourth now, but we always manage to pull something together. The fourth of July is one of our family's favorite holidays. We love to grill and share our time with friends and family.

Speaking of friends and family, our family is going to be receiving a very special visitor from up north the week of the 16th, so I'm super excited. The kids have no idea who is coming, just that someone is. This will be the first of our family from New York that will be meeting the baby.

How do you celebrate the fourth of July? What special activities have you been busy with this summer? What kind of memories are you hoping to make this summer???

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Alone Time July 07, 2012  

We are taking our boys camping this summer in a cabin in the woods.

debsweeps4 July 07, 2012  

This summer we've been spending time in the pool. debsweeps4 @ yahoo.com

Christy July 07, 2012  

I think we are going to take a trip to the Black Hills. I haven't been there in years.


slb3334 July 07, 2012  

We are going to Yellowstone.


RILEKAT July 07, 2012  

We have been geocaching, but have a family wedding in a week - lots of memories happening.
rilekat at gmail dot com

lyn agbayani July 07, 2012  

What else is there to do in Hawaii during the summer? The beaches, of course :).

Jill July 08, 2012  

All we've been doing this summer is laying about getting tanned.

Dwayne Berry July 08, 2012  

This summer I've mostly just worked, slept and swam in the pool. We really don't have any plans for anything this summer because we're broke.

shebebes July 08, 2012  




Courtney B July 08, 2012  

swimming all summer long! woo hoo!

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

Anonymous,  July 08, 2012  

We are gardening, taking care of grandkids and relaxing this summer. dollmf@arvig.net

Angie July 08, 2012  

We are going to a local amusement park, a family night at a local speedway, and possibly heading to the Crayola factory.

Barbara Montag July 08, 2012  

Doing pretty much the same thing this summer - gardening volunteering.
Thank you.

barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

STRANGEONE1120 July 08, 2012  

we're staycationing playing tourist at home, rode the new ferris wheel and will be going to the highland games soon and visiting the medieval faire

Laura Jacobson,  July 08, 2012  

This summer we will be just staying home and visiting our local parks and beaches. We love to swim, so have been swimming alot. Carter just turned 2 years old, so this year its so fun watching him play outside, learn to ride a trike, play in the sprinkler and blow his own bubbles! So cute!
landfjacobson @ charter.net

Lauren U,  July 09, 2012  

I'm pregnant with out first kid. I will always have memories of this summer!


mverno July 10, 2012  

what have i been up to horse racing we go all the time and love it.

Anonymous,  July 10, 2012  

we are going to baltimore this weekend!

Julie Lynn Bickham July 11, 2012  

We have taken a few day trips to zoos. Also were part of a taping for X-factor which was pretty cool. Tomorrow we have plans to go take a tour of a castle!

Sherrie,  July 11, 2012  

I've been enjoying the sunny days by going to the beach and hanging out in my garden.

Patricia Correll July 11, 2012  

My son's 3rd birthday is this August! Very excited.

Sarah W July 11, 2012  

Took a trip to Michigan, where I'm originally from, had my daughter's first birthday party there. Now we're just waiting for family to visit us here in the South. Only a week and a half before my Dad comes down! I'm so excited!

Erica C. July 12, 2012  

We've been doing a lot of hiking and biking.

Anonymous,  July 12, 2012  

Spending my first summer as a wife, creating new memories with my hubby. Our anniversary is coming up in early Fall.
Diana C

hollygunter July 12, 2012  

we've been swimming alot and trying to keep cool! :)


Chip July 12, 2012  

Just got back from a 9 day camping trip. Besides that, swimming every day. Kids are on a swim team and then afternoons are spent playing in the pool - Jill

Melanie K. July 13, 2012  

We are planning a fun vacation in a few weeks! info (at) giveawaybandit (dot) com

Marianna July 13, 2012  

I'm doing a whole not of nothing this summer! Just finalizing grad school applications and hanging out in my pool

Kaye July 13, 2012  

This summer we're trying out dance for the daughter and taekwondo for the son to see how they like it. We've done the beach a few times too, but it's only 35 min away, so that's no big deal really.

Caitlin McClure July 13, 2012  

I'm visiting my parents :)

amyd July 13, 2012  

swimming,movies,having a good time!

JACLYN July 13, 2012  

We're doing local activities like nature trails and museums and shows.

tree July 13, 2012  

We've been playing outside, gardening, hiking at the state parks and local trails and we went to the zoo. Thanks for the chance!

Deb July 13, 2012  

We plan on going to some local amusement and water parks with the kids this summer

susansmoaks July 13, 2012  

we will spend a week at the beach on vacation


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