Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Third Kid Crazies

That's what one of my friends coined it.. "The Third Kid Crazies". It's stuck, because frankly, it's true. One kid is amazing. Two is fun, a little hairy at times, but nothing nearly as insane as having three kids.

Everyone I talked to while I was pregnant with Baby #3 warned me.

"Just wait and see, the third child just pushes you over that edge that you're barely grasping onto now," {maniacal laugh} says my friend Kat one Friday night.

My friend Stacey has five kids. I know her through the kids school, but we talk on Facebook. She tells me that after three, four and five were much easier. It's my turn for the maniacal laugh.

More kids are not in our future, mainly because my body can't handle it. Perhaps we'll adopt one day. One day after the kids are all old and grown. 

I honestly have no idea how people with more than two kids do it.. it's just grace, I'm sure. But one things for certain, The Third Kid Crazies keeps things interesting.



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