Monday, December 28, 2009

Raising a Father by Arjun Sen - Do You Know Your Child?

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"When the child is born, every father signs this unwritten contract 
that for 18 years, I'll be there no matter what. 
Unconditionally, every moment, be present."~Arjun Sen

I know that I was a 'Daddy's Girl', and I know that the time I had with my father growing up was great when it was good, and not so great during the tough times.. but nonetheless, he was my father. My husband has a lot of similar traits- many of the good and a few of the bad- and it's been proven in study after study how a young lady's relationship with her father helps to mold her future relationship. 

It's amazing to me that little Maka called out her dad at only 8 years old, telling him how he's never there for her, and doesn't know her. How he spends more time on his cell phone than with her; that even when he's with her- he's not.

Do you know your child? Does your husband? What's your child's favorite color? Who's their best friend?

The author, Arjun Sen, explains in his book how he took a sacrifice to save the most important relationship in his life. The relationship between him and his daughter, and the eight year journey he's been on in his book, Raising a Father.

Reviewers state that the stories in this book are moments most of us share with our own families, but the author has a way of bringing out the life lessons in the event that opens our eyes to truly enjoy and experience the moments in ways we've never seen before.

As I clicked through Arjun Sen's blog, I took note to an article written called, "10 Ways to Give the Gift of Time This Season". This top ten list provides a great start to those looking to enjoy more minutes with their families, and even how to go "the extra yard".

Reading the other articles on his blog and on the Raising a Father website, as well as listening to the videos on the blog and YouTube, has really encouraged me to want to read the entire book and share it with my husband.

I can see the way my daughter worships my husband now, at only three and a half, and can only pray that their friendship and relationship continues to grow, mature, and strengthen as they get older.  I think that this book may have the tools needed to relate, and appreciate, all of the "little things" so many of us let slip away.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.. Watch this video below, and let me know if this book might be something your family could use, or if you know of a man who would be blessed learning more about this product.

Special thanks to Social Spark and Raising a Father for providing me with the opportunity to review this website, author and book. 

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