Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spin Master Toy Review for Boys and Girls!

Some really great toys and products found their way into our homes this holiday. SpinMaster, a Canada based toy company, manufactured a good deal of the items at the top of most wishlists: Bakugan, AirHogs, Tech Decks, and Moonsand--just to name a few.

SpinMaster has some great items for kids of all ages, and some were included as top holiday toys by Toys "R" Us, K-Mart, Toy Insider, Time To Play, Fun Fare, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards), New York Times, New York Daily News, Forbes and Bloomberg.

Recently, Spinmaster gave us the amazing oppurtunity to review some of their new products, and my family was totally impressed by what we found. The items we recieved were the Daniella Liv Doll, Flick Trix Finger Bikes, and the Pix O's Super Home Studio.

Liv Dolls are Spin Master’s most talked about new toy this holiday season. The next big thing to shake up the doll aisle, Liv dolls offer a unique new combination of amazing design, fun wig play, high end realistic looking fashions, and great online content at a very affordable price. Liv dolls most popular features include:
  • 14 points of articulation for greater poseability (versus an industry standard of 5-6) --This is one of the coolest things about these dolls. They can move and pose; your child 's imagination won't need too much help making this doll come to life. My daughter and I had alot of fun posing her for her rock star photo shoot.
  • · Easy to change wigs so girls can instantly switch hair styles and colors, or even cut and style their doll’s hair--It is super easy (if you read directions . . . if not you will attempt to do it wrong repeatedly until you read the directions and realize how simple it is) Aside from the hair being gorgeous and feeling like real hair, the best part is that it is removable. Unlike the dolls of my childhood, who were forced into uneven bobs and rat nest ponytails, Liv dolls hair is easily remedied. She comes with two looks, more are purchasable separately, or she has a short do that can never get ruined (it's part of her head).
  • Insert glass-like eyes --Another way to tell these dolls apart from your standard doll. Their faces are stunning, mostly thanks to these glassy eyes. They really make this doll look amazing. I also like the fact that these dolls look like different characters, they don't all look like the same exact doll in different outfits. Each of the four are unique in looks and in personality. Online, each doll has their own "space" and you can change outfits, read her diary, watch videos' and play games with your Liv Girl!
  • Detailed, realistic fashions--And they aren't under-dressed, if ya know what I mean! No super short and revealing ensembles. The girls wear sneakers and leggings and look like fashion forward teens but are appropriate for a young girl to admire. This is a real selling point for me, I love that they are not dressed in a way that makes me want to sew doll clothes to cover them up.

Spin Master continues to be the leader in extreme sports play with its re-introduction of Flick Trix, the
original die-cast finger bike! With exclusive licenses from companies like MirraCo, Hoffman, Haro, Fit, GT, Mongoose, Redline, Hutch and more, these bikes are all about authenticity! Flick Trix also have a
patented front brake play feature and interchangeable parts like wheels, pedals and grips. Each bike
comes with realistic handlebars for display, or kids can install the included “trick bars” to make it easy to
pull real BMX stunts with ease. Ages 8 and up.

--My son flipped over these, he was already in love with Tech Decks (the finger skate boards) and wasted no time ripping into the package and creating some mini bmx's. His words:"The coolest thing about these bikes are that the chains and pedals really work just like a real bike!" My son is ten, and I think the age limit is pretty accurate. There are some very small pieces ( ie: bolts, nuts, washers) and a younger child may lose them before they had the chance to play with the bike.

The Spinmaster Pixos Ultimate Design Station allows young children to make a wide variety of two- and three-dimensional sculptures and designs with no ink or mess. Designed for kids age four and older, the PixOs Ultimate Design Station is a clean and easy way for children to explore their artistic sides as they create original sculptures. Ages 4+

--Remember those old molds that you placed the cylinder plastic beads on, then lined with wax paper and ironed? Once they melted the beads stayed together in whatever pattern you had created with the beads? PixO's has taken that fun craft and improved on it by making it safer. No ironing. No plug. No heat. Just place, spray with water, and let them air dry.

The PixO's Ultimate Design Station came with everything you needed to get started. Beads in 6 bright colors, a handy compartment up top that keeps them organized and releases them one at a time, the handy PixO Placing Instrument that makes picking up and placing a breeze, and a built in drying fan that dries them quicker. PixO's are a great gift for just about any person under the age of 100 and over the age of 4. (Definitely something you'll want to do with your kids. It will be fun and save a mess.)

The products mentioned above were provided to me, at no cost, by Spin Master LTD. I did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this experience, and all opinions expressed are my own.



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