Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday- Blog the Weight Away

So I hopped on the scale this week. Not so good. I'm up two pounds. This week I spoke with my mom, and I think her and I are going to try something different. More along the Special K diet, but points for dinner.

I need to do something, I'm starting to get uber frustrated. My girlfriend Kerri started going to the gym the same time as I did, and she hasn't gone in about a month because their family was sick for three weeks back and forth.. She was the only one NOT sick. She's lost a total of 8 pounds since she stopped going to the gym. What the heck?! My other workout buddies are losing weight and I'm not. I'm about ready to pull all of my hair out. I wish I knew what was going on inside my body. Sigh.

Great goals for next week. I want to see a - on that scale, I want to eat more fruit, and drink more water. I think I will try logging my food this week as well. Hope you all had a great week and that the holiday didn't totally mess you up.

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Anabelle April 08, 2010  

In my early 20's I lost 135 lbs and I did it by exercising (mostly running) and slim fast shakes. I know its one of those fad diet food plans, but you can't argue with 135lbs of results, ya know?

Lauren @4BabyAndMom April 08, 2010  

That really means a lot that you commented on this post. It's been a struggle, but I need to drop SOME weight. Thanks so much!


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