Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Sparkle Glitter Hair Clips

Abbie really wants sparkly hair clips. The thing is, they're like $6 a piece, and she breaks them in a day or two. There needs to be an easier way, a more affordable way, to keep my 6 and a half year old trendy without breaking the budget on sparkly things.

I decided to look and see what I could find in our craft box. Sure enough, there was a few jars of sparkles left over from a get together we had over the summer. WOO!

I went to dollar tree and I got a three pack of hair clips. I had some sandpaper in the box as well, so I used that to rough up the clip, just enough. You just need to rough it up a little, enough for glue to stick to it.

I tried using a little bit of spray adhesive on one (not pictured), but I think the can was dead. I couldn't get it to look right, and work, so it went straight to the trash. I used a bottle of school glue, and a popsicle stick.

For the one with the stripes, I used the popsicle stick to create diagonal lines one at a time, and sprinkled the sparkles on. Do not over apply the glue, or it will glop off, and will not dry pretty at all. It was a little tedious, but very easy. The second one I tried doing the horizontal lines one color at a time, and was horribly unsuccessful. I was able to take a warm washcloth and wipe away the sparkles and glue easily, and start again. The other container of sparkles I had was a multi color jar. I decided just to smear it on, and make it multi-color. It came out great.

To dry, leave the clips OPEN on a washable surface, or on parchment paper/foil/or the like. After they've dried (it took about 24 hours for us), turn clips upside down and tap gently to let any loose glitter fall from the clip. Spray with a clear coat of acrylic shellac, and allow to dry.

Since I first made these, I've tried adding other glitter accents on hair clips and hair ties. Stay tuned for more ideas soon! 



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