Sunday, December 9, 2012

Personalized Gifts Kids- PersonalCreation Puzzle StepStool Review

What do you get a 7 month old kid? Something that grows with him, or something that he's going to forget, never knew existed, or he grows out of in just a few weeks.

The big kids are done, but finding something for Zachary this year has been quite the feat. The two big kids were a little older for Christmas, walking or close to it. Zachary already has all of the "big stuff"- you know, walker, exersaucer, play mat, ball rolly thingy. He's got a swing, and a bouncer, and a bunch of toys he doesn't play with already. Then a catalog for PersonalCreation came in the mail, and I fell in love with half of the items in it! With a variety of holiday themed products (ornaments, stockings, and SO much more!), as well as everyday items, I made a wishlist a mile long. I found personalized gifts for boys and girls, (adults, too!) and then I saw it... I knew exactly what I wanted to get him!

There, on the corner of page 65, a personalized puzzle step stool!! Ok, I know what you're on earth is this a practical gift for a 7 month old?! I know he won't technically be able to use it for awhile, but it's got chunky pieces, made of WOOD, and it's made in the USA! (Everyone knows how much MORE that makes me love a product!)

Because of the nature of the product, it took about a month from when we ordered it, until we received it in the mail. In the description, it mentioned that it takes 3-4 weeks for delivery.

When I got it, I was FLOORED! It was so much nicer in person than it was in the picture, and in the picture it looked pretty darn cute. Zachary's name fit on it, very well, it wasn't smushed, or chinsy, or cheap looking- it looked exactly the way it should have- PERFECT!

It's wrapped up for Christmas, so no pictures for now, but I promise, early January I will post a picture with my little man for you all to see.

Check out their huge assortment of personalized products for that special someone,  the person that has everything, or a special little one this holiday season.



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