Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pinypon Is Perfect for your Little Lady

Are you looking for something for your daughter, or a special little girl this holiday season? Be sure to check out Pinypon!

This new product line is sure to have your little lady (ages 4-7) excited and eager to play with on Christmas morning! With fun and funky characters that your child can personalize and play with, their experiences are never ending. We had 8 girls come over and have a playdate with Pinypon. Here's most of their reviews!!

"I love that you can take out their hair clips and pop different ones in." -A.M. age 7

"I like all the fun stuff that they are wearing, and all the colors make them more fun!" -M.H. age 6

"The bus is super cool, I like how everything pops out. I also like that their faces switch." J.S. age 6

"Their hair is really pretty." H.B. age 5

"I like them, a lot. Can I play with the car again?" A.B. age 5

"Some of the pieces are really small, so I'd have to keep them away from my baby brother, but I can still play with them ok. I'd also have to take really good care of them." A.H. age 6

"They're pretty." S.C. age 4

Most of the kids agreed that they were fun, easy to play with, easy to change the look of, and brightly colored meant they were even cooler. They all loved the caravan, and the fact that everything was easy to use. The caravan has a fake shower, and for some reason, that was one of the most popular parts of the vehicle. Some of the kids called it a "bus" some a car, but all in all, they left asking their parents for some more Pinypons! Each child got to take a few toys home with them, and they all loved the coloring sheets they received. 

As a mom, here's my review. I love the fact that Pinypon allows kids to be unique and customize their dolls. They can interchange just about everything, even the hair and faces. That's awesome, but it also means there's a lot of little pieces. If your child is not great about keeping little pieces together, I would wait until she's a little bigger. It was a little rough for the 4 year old that was there to work with the little pieces, but she loved playing with the dolls themselves. They were chunky enough for her to grab them and manipulate them, without the bigger girls thinking they were too babyish. There's a TON of accessories and add-ons available, making this toy something that could grow with your child for years to come. The fact that there's oodles of little pieces also ensures the brand loyalty, because your daughter will eventually want more accessories for her Pinypon person.

Abbie has a few other dolls with teeny tiny pieces, and while this one has small parts, it's not the worst I've seen. As long as your daughter is good with keeping it all together, you should have no problems.

Now that our party was a few weeks ago, I can honestly say that this is a product I've seen my daughter playing with consistently. You do need a few little Pinypon people, because of their size, although, they have made friends with a young lady named Polly...

The Pinypon's themselves make great stocking stuffers, so if this is a product you might be interested in for the holidays, keep that in mind.

All in all, I think it's a great product for kids 5-7, maybe even a young 8, for the personalization/fashion aspect of it. Be sure to follow Pinypon on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the new products being released, any contests, and for special offers, too!

Special thanks to our friends at MomSelect for allowing us to review these products, and host this fabulous party through MommyParties.



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