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Bella Bands by Ingrid and Isabel Review & Giveaway! Fabulous February Fiesta~Day #4!

When I was pregnant, I had such difficulties finding jeans that worked for me. I'm 5'10" and during my first pregnancy, was slender with hips until my belly popped. When it popped I was HUGE, or so I thought. While I was pregnant with my daughter, I looked like I ate 5 adults for breakfast! I blew up like a balloon! NOTHING fit me. Pregnancy pants were either way too huge and short in between my legs, or regular jeans just couldn't stretch.. even with a rubber band chain going from the button through the hole and back again. (Come on, you know you've done something like that before!!)

Now I'm on a weight loss journey, 2 years postpartum- so it's not just baby fat any more. Either way, I'm on a very big road to make myself healthy but I've been experiencing problems like I had while pregnant. Some jeans are just way too tight and give me a lovely muffin top, and some are just way too loose, a week after I buy them.

So what is a woman in either situation to do? Thankfully, Ingrid and Isabel created an amazing product called a Bella Band. A Bella Band is a band of stretchy, comfortable, breathable fabric that allows for your too-tight pre-pregnancy pants to stay unbuttoned, stay up, and hide that muffin top- all at the same time. There's no more hiking up your too big pregnancy pants, or pants that don't fit because you're losing that baby weight!

I must admit, I was a little skeptical after browsing on the Ingrid and Isabel website because I felt the models were so perfect. These beautiful little belly bumps, on fairly normal, well toned women didn't really portray me when I was pregnant.. and the postpartum model looked like she was maybe (max!)a size 6. Definitely NOT me. So I contacted the company and bombarded them with a ton of questions; does it really work the same on a plus size mom as it does on the smaller moms? My pants barely stay up now, will they really stay up? Is it comfortable?

Their amazing customer service, (and the answers to my questions!) led me to try Bella Bands out for myself! As soon as I got the package, I put on my Bella Band. Right away, it helped my muffin top tremendously! I was excited! I can honestly say that for the past week or so, I haven't taken off my Bella Band except to bathe and sleep! I think this is one "accessory" that every women should own. It's comfortable, I don't have to worry about my undies peeking out as I bend over to pick up my kids, or my pants falling down. They stay where they are supposed to be- and occasionally I need to adjust them, but it's less than with a belt. It makes me feel good when I am working out, not annoying at all. It looks like it's supposed to be there, and that's one of my favorite parts. My best friend works in fashion, and she thought I was wearing a tank under a favorite shirt of mine! I feel much more confident while wearing my Bella Band and have already begun spreading the word of my new discovery to all of my pregnant, postpartum, and dieting friends!

Want it?
Head over to Ingrid and Isabel and check out the many styles that Bella Bands are offered in. At purchase, be sure to mention that you read their review here, at 4BabyAndMom

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Our friends at Ingrid and Isabel are offering 4BabyAndMom readers their choice of their favorite color, style and size Bella Band!
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CVSer in training February 04, 2009  

I would love the BellaBand from the Everyday collection in white/size 2.

I hate to admit it but at 5w3d I already need the BellaBand. It seems like with every pregnancy, I show earlier. Ugh. I'm glad this one is the last. Last night I actually had to unbutton my pants

CVSer in training February 04, 2009  



CVSer in training February 04, 2009  

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contact me via:

Adanma February 04, 2009  

I would like the everyday in size 2 in black. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous,  February 04, 2009  

I would love the BellaBand from the Everyday collection in white.

Reiza February 04, 2009  

I'd love the everday one in petal, size 1.
I cannot stand maternity pants right now. The ones with the panels hit me right at the top of my uterus and they hurt. The ones without panels tend to be too low and they don't stay up. It's annoying and uncomfortable.
offthespaceship at myway dot com

Heather February 05, 2009  

I love this! I would choose white, size 3, of the original BellaBand. Great giveaway!

Heather February 05, 2009  

I'm a follower!

Heather February 05, 2009  

tweet tweet

Sheila February 05, 2009  

I would like the Everyday Lace in White, size 3 to help my post baby/surgical/weight-loss tummy!

CVSer in training February 05, 2009  


CVSer in training February 05, 2009  

I have your button on my site:

CVSer in training February 05, 2009  

Digg using username vholley

Robyn February 05, 2009  

White - size 1.

My pants always dig into my belly. Not so comfy.

Dinic23 at

CVSer in training February 05, 2009  

Blogged about it at:

CVSer in training February 05, 2009  


Aura February 05, 2009  

My friend just called me to ask me if I had a bellaband last night. How about a discount code? I have 2 sets of twins and wonder if next time I'll have twins again. I think the everyday black in size 2 would be the most practical.

Aura February 05, 2009  

I blogged about the giveaway at

Aura February 05, 2009  

I subscribe

Marianna February 06, 2009  

Everyday collection, black, size 2. I hated wearing jeans when I was pregnant because the waist was so uncomfortable. I wish I had one of these then! I'm hoping to win one for any future pregnancies. :)


Women Who Win,  February 06, 2009  

I'm loving this find!!! My sister had a really difficult time with jeans when she was pregnant-- none of her jeans or the maternity jeans would fit right! I'm trying to get pregnant right now, so I would love to win one of these. I love lace, so I'd love the Everyday Day Lace in white, size 1. Thanks so much! --Michelle, blogattoday,,a,t,(gmail)]d]o]t]c]o]m

Women Who Win February 06, 2009  

I blogged about this lovely giveaway!! Thank you so much!
--Michelle, blogattoday,,a,t,(gmail)]d]o]t]c]o]m

Women Who Win February 06, 2009  

I tweeted about this giveaway! Woohoo! Thanks so much. --Michelle, blogattoday,,a,t,(gmail)]d]o]t]c]o]m

Women Who Win February 06, 2009  

Added your button to my sidebar!!! Thank you! --Michelle, blogattoday,,a,t,(gmail)]d]o]t]c]o]m

Anonymous,  February 06, 2009  

I like the everday lace collection in black in size 3.

Kim February 06, 2009  

I'd love Black size 3

Kim February 06, 2009  

I follow

Alice H February 06, 2009  

Everyday white in size 1 is my choice. I would love this - I hate walking around with my jeans unbuttoned (which is what I've been doing!) Thanks! alicedemske at

Danielle February 06, 2009  

I like the everyday in black size 1


Anonymous,  February 06, 2009  

Ooo, my preggers belly is rapidly outgrowing my wardrobe. I would love the Everyday chocolate size 1.


Courtney February 06, 2009  

I like the Belly Leggings in Black size 3/4.

I hated after pregnancy when I still had to wear my huge stretched out maternity clothes. I wish they made more adjustable matenity clothes like wrap tops or something.

Courtney February 06, 2009  

I subscribed in Google reader.


(Oops, I forgot to leave my email in that last comment.

Amanda U. February 06, 2009  

I'd love the black lace in size 2.

Amanda U. February 06, 2009  

I'm a follower.

Amanda U. February 06, 2009  

I added your button:

melissad.williams February 07, 2009  

I would love the size 3 Everyday band in coffee. I get soooooo uncomfortable at about 12 weeks, and stay that way until I'm big enough for maternity pants...I would love to have a Bella Band to help with that uncomfortable stage when it comes this time around.

Amanda U. February 07, 2009  

I dugg it:
(username amandatinkerbel)

billie February 07, 2009  

the everday in black, size 2 would be nifty! I've got a lovely post partum tummy pouch so this would be great for getting back into my old pants without having to zip them all the way up.

Leane February 07, 2009  

I would love to have the 'Colors, Winter 2008' in Granite, Size 2. I have jeans that are size 8 through size 12 and I wear all of them at some time of the month because my weight still fluctuates(why?: hormones, water-weight, the pull of the moon's cycle) even though I am trying to lose it.....jeans that are great in the butt will be too big at the waist, so the Bella Band is perfect.....any time you are a woman, not just for pregnancy. webleaneATyahooDOTcom

lace February 07, 2009  

I'd love the everyday black in a size 3.

mel February 07, 2009  

I would love the everyday white size 2. This is such a great idea. I am changing sizes so frequently during and post pregnancy. I end up wearing my pants too big or tight just to avoid having to buy more pants!


tiff,  February 07, 2009  

i'd like the bella band in size 1, everyday collection in the color "petal"! I think the hardest thing for me is getting my jeans and pants to fit!


Amanda U. February 07, 2009  

I tweeted:

Amanda U. February 07, 2009  

I'm a subscriber!

KatAttack February 07, 2009  

I follow you on blogger!

KatAttack February 07, 2009  

I love the regular black bella band. I think I would want it in a size 3 or 4.. not sure though.

Lauren @4BabyAndMom February 08, 2009  

This giveaway is closed!


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