Friday, February 20, 2009

The Unnamed Post

Ugh, my old computer really did one in on me, my folders are all screwy! If you participated in one of the giveaways, please check out that "did you win?" link in the top right hand corner of my blog and if you won, reply there and then shoot me an email if you haven't received one from me. I think I got you all now, and everything is caught up on.. if I didn't please email me at 4babyandmom [at] gmail [dot] com.

Anywho- I have a laptop now.. We decided on a PC until we can get the Mac I oogled over. so far so good! The only thing that I am trying to get used to on this computer vs. my desktop, is the paint program (which is how I post the winners). If you notice the colors might be a little off on the last few, vs. the earlier winners, I apologize.. LOL!

Bri's home from work today because they had no work, so please do me a favor and say a little prayer that his company does no more layoffs. If they do, he's on the next batch of layoffs. The only other people that would be left are the ones with the same last name as the Company, or ones directly related through blood or marriage. He only worked two days this week, this is not good. Hopefully we can catch up on some things that need to be done around the house while Alex is in school today.

The kids and I are *finally* starting to feel better, our company from NY and TN have headed home, Alex has school pictures today, and Abbie has her Build-A-Bear Birthday party tomorrow. I'm psyched! (Yes, I just used psyched.)

Alex has been doing so great with school lately, I could just burst! Since being transferred to his new school, he was doing well, and then he started testing and pushing their limits again just a few weeks ago. I talked with the behavioral specialist, and told her how I *know* that his behavior correlates with his sleep and when he sleeps well, he has better days, and when he doesn't go to bed on time or has an interrupted sleep, the next day is atrocious. She and my normal pediatrician suggested we try giving him melatonin at night before bed to see if that had any effect on his behaviors. Since he's started the melatonin on school nights, his behavior at school, and at home has done a complete 180, and he's excelling so much further than I ever thought was possible!

It turns out that my son is not Autistic, does not have some form of social dysfunction, and he does *not* have a learning disability- like the other school implied- or Asperger's Syndrome, as they "strongly suggested". In fact, it's the exact opposite. I've always thought that Alex was a smart cookie, but never did I expect what ended up happening next. He was evaluated by an independent psychologist, and his abbreviated I.Q. score came back as 133. The psychologist said that if the full test was administered, he'd likely be deemed "very gifted". He's been tested by his current teacher (who he LOVES!!) and we found out that he reads over a 6th grade level! (He's in Kindergarten, by the way.) One day I was researching learning disabilities, and the next I am sitting shocked and confused on how one could misdiagnose without a degree in medicine, and not recognize excellence. Why did the other school have to put our family through the personal hell they did?! I am furious, and praying for the right words to write to the Board of Education and to the Superintendent.

So, that's pretty much the updates around here. I am so excited as to what the future holds for Alex, for my family, for my Little Miss, and for my new computer. It's a good day!

Oh wait, I'm sure you all want a giveaway and review today, huh? Well, you're going to have to stay tuned, because our SEE KAI RUN review will be posted later this afternoon. You're not going to want to miss it! :o)



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