Thursday, February 26, 2009

Build-A-Bear Workshop & Nestle Cookie Shop 3rd Birthday Party Review!

On the 21st, we celebrated Abbigaile's 3rd birthday with eleven of her friends and family members. We decided to go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop, and then to the Nestle Toll House Cafe at one of the malls nearby.

Abbigaile was so excited to see all of her friends at Build-A-Bear! This was our first time EVER going to Build-A-Bear, so honestly- I had no idea what to expect. The staff was amazing! This was a party with guests that ranged from ages 3-10. They lined up the kids and showed them the bears they needed to pick from, and everyone chose their bears. They lined back up, chanting, "Stuff Me! Stuff Me!" and marched to the giant filling machine. The children stayed occupied while everyone stuffed their bears (or other animals!) by playing games like Simon Says. They went through the whole process of stuffing, sewing, "washing" and fluffing then lastly- dressing. All of the kids had a blast, most of them newbies to Build-A-Bear. The children were happy to hear that they could play with their new friends on Buildabearville, a place online where their new stuffed friends come to life. Unfortunately, that day the entire Build-a-Bear Workshop computers were down, so they couldn't register their bears at the store. The staff was nice enough to offer to print them when the computers were working properly, and we arranged a convenient time to pick them up.

After all of the new stuffed friends were fluffed, dressed, and boxed up in their new homes we lined the children up and marched through the mall to the Nestle Toll House Cafe. Abbie and her guests celebrated with a huge chocolate cookie cake decorated with pink and purple icing. We sang Happy Birthday to her in the food court.

All in all, her birthday party and day was quite a success! The company was great, the giant cookie cake was yummy, and Build-A-Bear was a blast! What more could a three year old ask for?


Erin Tales February 26, 2009  

Definitely sounds fun!

Maryann February 27, 2009  

looks like everyone had a great time. We did an in-home build-a-bear type project for Matthew's 4th this year and it was a total hit.

MissHeather February 28, 2009  

awwww how fun!!! yummmy cookie!


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