Thursday, February 5, 2009

4BabyAndMom~ WINNERS PAGE!!!!

Current Winners:

There are no current winners. 
Stay tuned for winner info when our latest giveaways have ended. 
Thank you.


Winning contestants, please post here to acknowledge that you've won. After you've posted here, please email us your contact information and prize choice (if applicable, plus color, size, etc) at 4BabyAndMom {at} gmail {dot} com.

Due to the high volume of giveaways on our site, please understand that it is not our responsibility to contact you first. We do try to email and/or tweet the winners directly, but if your information is not clearly in your comment or profile we will not hunt for it. Prizes not claimed after one full week may be re-drawn and the winners will be announced above. Prize selection may vary based on availability of special order items, color choices available, etc. Comparative substitutes may be offered in exchange for seasonal items.


kathy pease February 05, 2009  

awesome thank you sooooooooooo much :)

Robyn February 06, 2009  

awesome!!! thanks Lauren!!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• February 06, 2009  

Congrats ladies!

Aura February 09, 2009  

Amazing! Thank you so much!

Laura February 09, 2009  

Awesome!! THANKS!!!

CVSer in training February 09, 2009  

Yeaaaaahhhhh! Thank you!

Rebecca February 15, 2009  

OH MY GOSH! I checked back SO many times yesterday it was crazy. AND I had the worst Valentine's Day in HISTORY...but not any more. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I am just THRILLED! I've never wanted to win a giveaway SO badly! THANKS!

RBalderas,  February 16, 2009  

YAY!! I am so excited I won.


Mommyhood is Thankless February 18, 2009  

Awesome! Thanks a bunch!

Laura February 18, 2009  

OMG I won!?! I never win anything!!!! That's awesome!

Anonymous,  February 19, 2009  

yay im so excited

Jenn February 20, 2009  

Oh wow!! Thanks so much Lauren!!!

trisha too February 23, 2009  

very good, Lauren, thank you!!!!

auntrene February 25, 2009  

I am thrilled I won #18. Thanks auntrene.

Colleen February 25, 2009  

oh awesome!!! Thank you!

3boyzmom February 26, 2009  

Thank You!! I'm so excited! I love See Kai Run!!!
Congrats to the other winners too!!!

Anonymous,  March 01, 2009  

Woohoo! Day#23!! Thanks!

Reiza March 01, 2009  

Woo hoo. Thanks so much. :-)

Kama @ Today's Housewife March 02, 2009  

Yea!! I WON!!! :)

Whimsical Creations March 02, 2009  

WOOT WOOT I won!! thank you so much!!

susan March 02, 2009  

Wow, thanks so much!!!

judybrittle March 02, 2009  

Thank you so much! I was a winner of day #23.

Colleen March 02, 2009  

How exciting that I won not one but two prizes...and they are both awesome and will be used very much!

northernmama-northerngirl March 24, 2009  

I think Northern Girl might be me but I'm not sure because I wasn't notified! Am I too late?? my email is or
but my user name has always been northernmama-northerngirl so I'm not sure if this is me...HELP!!

Stef plus 3 March 28, 2009  

I won, how exciting!!! Thanks!!!


LBDsMama March 30, 2009  

I'm so excited!!! Thanks!! :heart:

Katherine April 20, 2009  

YAY!!!! That is so awesome!!! Thank you so much!

Brandy May 15, 2009  

Wow - thanks! Just found out from the go to mom that I won!!!

Emailing you now!!

LADYHIGHTOWER May 17, 2009! Thank you so much! You just made my day!

Emily B May 20, 2009  

Oh, wow!! I'm so excited. I have been crushing on the Twilight Turtle! This is great! Thank you!
And thanks for the heads up comment on my blog! Much appreciated :)

Carla (Mom2KL),  May 24, 2009  

WooHoo!! Thanks!!


MAC Mom May 28, 2009  

YEY Checked my email this afternoon and I won the Agoo giveaway!!! THis will be perfect for the summer.


TopHat June 07, 2009  

Wow! Thanks!


AmyLynn June 09, 2009  

Yay! I am so excited to win! I have emailed you. Thanks!! :)

Anonymous,  June 09, 2009  

YAY I'm so excited! Thanks so much!


April June 22, 2009  

Wow! Thank you for the Sun Protection Zone Swimwear. I'm so excited!

Anonymous,  June 22, 2009  



Carla (Mom2KL),  June 27, 2009  

WooHoo!! I won the WooleyCat book!! Yay!!

- Carla

darlanpaulsmamma June 29, 2009  

yay!!!! thank you so much i won the beach cabana!!!
melissa.barnes76 at yahoo dot com

Phunkyrockgal June 29, 2009  

Woo hoo!! Thanks so much Lauren!

gigi July 02, 2009  

Yeah! I won Athena's Olive Tree Soap-in-a-Jar.

catss99 July 03, 2009  

i won the brez!

Anonymous,  July 06, 2009  

I won a Wooleycat book! Yay! Thanks so much!! I'm going to email you now!


Jamie July 07, 2009  

Awesome, I won the Sweet Boutique Girly Glam Grab Bag! Thank you so much :)

Emailed -

Cyndy July 10, 2009  

Wow, Thanks, can't wait to try my new shampoo!!

Stef plus 3 July 13, 2009  

I'm so excited to be a winner!!!


cindiizzy July 22, 2009  

I am so excited to win!

mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

Phunkyrockgal July 24, 2009  

Oh I'm so excited about the mama scarf!!! Thanks Lauren!

darlanpaulsmamma July 25, 2009  

Thanks so much - i won the iColore!!!
muah, muah!!!

The Jacobsen Family! July 28, 2009  

Oh man, I hope I'm in time! My computer was down! Arg!

BabeeLove August 03, 2009  

Oh, Yea!!! I can't believe I won the NO THROW!!! That is soo cool :)

judybrittle August 03, 2009  

So thrilled that I won this great book! Hot on The Range. Thank you. Emailing you now!

Jen August 03, 2009  

I won one of the icolor shirts. Thanks!

Anonymous,  August 04, 2009  

Yay!! Thank you so much. I am thrilled to have won the Living Rooms Direct giveaway!! You made my day even better. Thanks

furygirl3132 August 05, 2009  

Thanks so much! I won the IColore giveaway and I am emailing you now! Thanks again!


Jeannine August 07, 2009  

Thank you I won the Natures Baby Organics giveaway so excited to use it. Thanks again.


Teri August 08, 2009  

I hope I am not too late for the icolor shirt - my pc died!
I am so happy we won!!

electricisland August 17, 2009  

Yay ... I won the Smelly washer and can't wait to try it out, thanks!

cherdon August 17, 2009  

Yipeeeee. I won the By the Book, How to Raise MY Kids" eBook winner


Slee August 17, 2009  

Yay Sprout Shell! Okay, i am happy!!!!

jerricapuck August 18, 2009  

oh my goodness, thank you soooo much!

(sorry I didn't see it sooner)

but thank you greatttllyyy!


Colleen August 22, 2009  

thank you! Maybe I can quit being so nervous about school starting...maybe this good luck means things will be just fine!

Mama August 23, 2009  

I won the LesserEvil snacks!??! Thank you!!!

shawn August 25, 2009  

Thank You. I think I'm a winner.

Tj and Amy August 26, 2009  

I won the foot locker giveaway! yay! so excited. thanks so much.

cdziuba August 27, 2009  

This is the nicest thing that happened all week! Many thanks.

Anonymous,  August 27, 2009  

I won the lesser evil snack pack! THANKS SO MUCH!!!! I am going to email you now.


cherdon September 01, 2009  

This is a nice surprise...thanks so much

Heather September 02, 2009  

I won the See Kai Run shoes!! Thank you SO much!!

VickeC September 02, 2009  

I see my name an im tryingt contact you now,thanks


VickeC September 02, 2009  

I sent you a email I hope it went thru, about the Tide giveaway


Tamara B. September 02, 2009  

YAY I am a lucky winner of the Caroina's Pad Giveaway! Thank-you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

cherdon September 02, 2009  

I guess I should have mentioned the prize I won.

I won the tic tac dough. Thanks again. Email sent to you yesterday morning.

angela September 06, 2009  

yeah-thank you! I won the tots in dots giveaway!

Keitha September 18, 2009  

Great! I won the Baby;s first journal! Thanks so much!

catss99 September 20, 2009  

I won the ibw books!


mom2boys October 21, 2009  

Woohoo! I won the Daisy Giggles GC. I can't wait to use this for my shower. Thanks! :)

flowerchild October 22, 2009  

i won the EcoTouch Complete Car Wash System
emailing you now

Anonymous,  November 15, 2009  

WooHOOOO! I won the Zhu ZHu pets giveaway!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! I'm going to email you now! :-D

Dingbat1 @ mugglepost

Julie November 17, 2009  

Hi I won the ITunes contest-my daughter will be thrilled :)

I will email you in the mg ;)

with my info thanks

jamaise December 01, 2009  

Woo Hoo! Thank you so much :) My little guy will love it !!

Sweeter the berry December 02, 2009  

Nice!! I won ben 10 for my son!

jsc123 December 04, 2009  

Thank you so very much.
I am so thrilled to have won the Apron Set for me and my daughter !

shopannies December 13, 2009  

my lil princess will love it thank you so much

karenk,  December 14, 2009  

thanks so much my kids will love the gift card

Stef plus 3 December 18, 2009  

I'm so excited! BJ's here I come!


Stef plus 3 December 18, 2009  

I believe my good luck! I'm the re-drawn kids footlocker winner too! Thanks!!!


helen January 07, 2010  

My grandaughter was told to expect a surprise from the mailman. She stalks the mail everyday when she gets off her bus:) I can't wait til it arrives, she is soooo excited. She watched your son's demo and told me she could do it and to tell Santa she wanted it:) Thank You:)

Xmas Dolly January 22, 2010  

My Little Pony???? THAT'S ME! WOO HOO...

Night Owl Mama January 22, 2010  

MY MOM won my little pony's woo whoo she'll be excited. I'm sending her email to see if she's claimed already

kenan and tree January 23, 2010  

Yay! i won the Barney Dvd! It will be put to good use! We don't have cable or anything and only get one tv channel. So this will be a nice treat for the kids! Thank you so much!!

Laura January 23, 2010  

Wonderful! I won the 3 peas gift card!

Shana January 23, 2010  

Oh thank you so much!

Emily February 04, 2010  

I'm so excited for my new book!

clenna February 05, 2010  

Yea! I just saw my name for winning Sleep No More.
Thanks a bunch!

roswello February 07, 2010  


coriwestphal February 19, 2010  

I can't wait to try the new Soft Scrub cleaner! Thank you!

Anne J February 21, 2010  

I'm thrilled to get the Walmart gift card! Thanks.

Deb March 11, 2010  

Yeah!! Looks like I won the progresso soup pack and A Black Tie Affair.


Frosted Fingers March 11, 2010  

Woo! I won Children Should Come with Warning Labels and the Coverbee laptop cover!!

Deb March 11, 2010  

Dang! Just double checked and it's a different Deb that won the Progresso Soup. However, I'm sending my email for the book :)


Patti McKenna March 12, 2010  


Please contact me at with your address and I'll ship you the two autographed books and bookmarks! I hope you enjoy them.

Patti McKenna

Deb March 12, 2010  

I'm a winner!! Yes I am!! :)

Justine M. March 12, 2010  

how awesome to win the tutu! sending an email now!

Terra H. March 22, 2010  

How great! I see my name. Will email you shortly.

bethany April 06, 2010  

Yay! Thanks so much!

Michelle B,  April 08, 2010  

Thankyou i will email you now

tree April 20, 2010  

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Xmas Dolly April 27, 2010  

CONGRATS TO ALL WINNERS! I clicked on Like by the way1

Owen's Mom May 02, 2010  

Thanks so much! I won the 7th Generation prize.

andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

karenk,  May 18, 2010  

Omg this is so awesome I am so so happy you have no clue :). Thank-you!!

USFGrad May 19, 2010  

Thank you Thank You!!! This has MADE my day. My kids will be soooo excited!! They have never been to Seaworld or Sonic. Thanks for the win of the Sonic and Seaworld giveaway!! UsfGrad

Laura June 13, 2010  

Aagghh! Wonderful!! This made my day! (Winning from Vista Print!!)

Owen's Mom June 30, 2010  

Thanks so much! Can't wait to try the Go Gurt!

Kimberly July 06, 2010  


wcc July 07, 2010  

I won! Awesome! Thank you so much! :)

traci smith August 01, 2010  

i'm so excited!! i thaught this had already been drawn ! o wow i really need this , thank you for hosting and thank sleep joy for the prize!!

Louis August 13, 2010  

just found my name *excited*

catss99 August 17, 2010  

I emailed you over the weekend to see if it was too late to claim my prize, i wasn't sure the date the winners were posted. please let me know!

VickeC August 21, 2010  

I just saw my name for the amazon gift card,emailing you now,thanks

Stef plus 3 August 21, 2010  

we won the jumpstart? yeah!!!! mya will be SO excited!!


tree September 07, 2010  

Yay!! i won the Funky Monkey Snacks! Yum, i'm sure my kids will love them! September 15, 2010  

yay i won the giraffe

Stef plus 3 September 24, 2010  

I am beyond excited for my ladies footlocker gc!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Jennifer T November 08, 2010  

I am beyond excited to have won the Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD! Thank you so much!

Laura November 27, 2010  

How wonderful!!!! I won $50 from Cards Direct!!

Nicole C. December 11, 2010  

YAY!! Thanks so much!!

Stef plus 3 December 11, 2010  

We won the squiggles game!!! Thanks!

tree December 12, 2010  

Yay!! for the shutterfly cards! thank you. Sure hope i can get them in time to send out of the holidays. lol! my cards are always late anyhow. :)

Mama needs a nap December 12, 2010  

I won 20 Shutterfly cards

krishackney at suddenlink dot net

Tara December 13, 2010  

"Yay, I won the Quantum giveaway". ;) Can't wait to use it!

Anonymous,  January 08, 2011  

Yippeeee!! I am so excited to win the Union 28 Tee! Thank you!

Bacallsmom February 14, 2011  

Thanks so much! I will e-mail you my info directly. :-)

Tara May 15, 2011  

I am so excted I won the Elmers Prize Pack. I can't wait to see what I will make.

I already emailed you guys my address. Thank you.


Anonymous,  June 01, 2011  

AWESOME!! I was really hoping to win this Gift Card!!!


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