Monday, February 23, 2009

My Precious Kid Review and Giveaway! Day #23~ Fabulous February Fiesta!

Several months ago, Alexzander started having some night terror like spells. Thankfully, it was extremely short lived, but nerve-wrecking nonetheless. In the process of trying to digest what was happening to my little man, I started researching places online that I could buy items to keep him safe. I happened to find a great shop called MY PRECIOUS KID.

Anything and everything that you could want or need to keep your child safe is found at this site. From BPA free sippy cups to identification tags and cards, to door alarms in case your little one tries to make a run for it in the middle of the night.

I had the opportunity to try our one of their new products, a Safe Sippy- a BPA and DEHA free stainless steel sippy cup perfect for kids 6 months of age and up. This cup is AWESOME. It keeps your cold beverages cold, is top-rack dishwasher friendly, has easy to grasp handles and a straw-like spout, but it's still "cool" for your growing toddler.. oh yeah, and the plastics on them aren't contaminated with cancer causing chemicals. The "green" movement is rolling, and this is a great way to take a small step to eliminate the plastics that shouldn't be around your child!

Did you know that in the event of a car accident, paramedics often transport children in the carseat they are strapped into? MY PRECIOUS KID offers a Car Seat Identification Card, so that should an emergency situation like that ever occur, you can rest assured, knowing that your child's medical and emergency contact information is attached to their carseat, and in plain sight of the EMT's.WANT IT?
Be sure to be prepared and check out all of the safety items at My Precious Kid, and at the checkout, be sure to mention that you read about them on 4BabyAndMom!

We know that accidents do happen, so our friends at My Precious Kid are offering FIVE (5) of our readers the chance to win their own Car Seat Identification Card!

Here's how:

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Pixeltrash February 24, 2009  

Hi! Found you on SITs!

I have to tell you about my son's night terrors. We finally figured out that they were related to his feet and growing pains in them. As soon as he started having a night terror, I would give him some children's advil (if I could get it in his mouth during the half awake, but not awake screaming). Eventually, I noticed that before he would go to bed he might say his feet were bothering him. If I did nothing about it, he would wake up with night terrors. If I gave him ibuprofin when he complained of his feet hurting before bedtime, no night terrors. Also, when we would go to our playgroup, he would play with other kids toys pretty intently. While doing so, he would stoop down so that he was sitting on his toes. I think this triggered some of the foot cramps at night.

Just some things to look for. Not sure how old your little guy is, but mine had these problems for years and has FINALLY outgrown them. Hope this info helps!

Three Prince Designs February 24, 2009  

Thank you for the post- the car kit sounds great. I would not have thought about that

susan February 25, 2009  

I would love a Home Safety Kit for grandma and grandpa's house because it has everything they need to make it child safe. And it looks like a nice "gift".

Lauren @4BabyAndMom February 26, 2009  

RE: Pixeltrash

Thanks for the tips! Thankfully, Alex (almost 6y/o) only had a short bout of Night terrors.. his was from being extremely over tired and the horrible experience/stress from his old school. Knock on wood, since switching to the new school and giving him 1 mg of melatonin at night, we've had no more terrors at all! :o) I will keep the feet thing in mind though, because he woke up a few times over the past year complaining about them. I never thought about that! Thanks!!

Reiza February 26, 2009  

I like the labels for sippy cups. We had the worst time with that when I went to the gym and my son was little. He went to the nursery and they never knew which sippy was his. Permanent marker just wiped off. Stickers and tape wouldn't stay on either.

Luckily, he had no food allergies (my daughters did and if they had been given someone else's sippy when they were smaller, it could have been very dangerous), but we never could figure out a way to label his sippy that wouldn't wipe off.

I'm about to have #4, so it's a little early for these, but I'll definitely keep them in mind for the future.
YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

Kama @ Today's Housewife February 26, 2009  

Those look like a great thing to have. I have a 5 month old son, so they would come in handy! I like the IdentaKey Medical Records Storage. What a great way to safely keep track of all of that important information and crazy that it will hold a picture and fingerprints!

judybrittle February 26, 2009  

I would really like to have the Medibag. That would really be useful. Thank you!

judybrittle February 26, 2009  

I'm a follower.

Anonymous,  February 26, 2009  

The Shoe ID Stickers are very cool! Don't have to wore about losing a card, something coming loose. Great idea!

azcats95_60532 (at)

Anonymous,  February 26, 2009  

Subscribed to posts

Maryann February 27, 2009  

We could use the shoe id cards since Matthew can't always talk to strangers and Nico is just way too young.

Lauren @4BabyAndMom February 27, 2009  

This Giveaway is closed! Thanks for participating!


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