Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blog the Weight Away- Looking for Mom Bloggers that want to Lose Weight!

This week I am joining Shapes with some of my gal pals, and need you- my followers and fellow bloggers- to help me stay accountable. Right now, we got a great promotion- only $10 down and $30 a month- plus, it's right up the road!

While thinking of ways to stay accountable, I decided what would be better than incorporating what I do now and Blog the Weight Away! As a long time fan of The Biggest Loser, I envisioned a blogger's biggest loser of sorts.. sans skimpy weigh in clothes. With the new season starting just days away, I decided I'm not going to be a spectator this year, but I'm going to compete too!

I am currently seeking 3-5 teams (depending on response) to 'compete' weekly against each other publicly. "Official" teams will be determined after enrollment is closed.  Bloggers will be required to post as a group twice a week, and posts should include pictures, measurements, weight (start and current). You may post more frequently, but it is not required. This is strictly for fun and should not feel like work or obligation, but incentive and motivation.

If you are interested in forming a team, or joining a team, please fill out this form to tell us more about yourself! Please tell your audience about this incentive to get fit!

If you are a representative of a fitness related product or company and would like to participate or have a product reviewed, please email 4BabyAndMom at gmail dot com for more details!

ETA: As of 9pm EST 1/5/10, there are 12 bloggers and 3 friends that would like to participate! Please keep spreading the word! Sign up's end on Saturday 12pm EST; all participants will receive an email on Sunday with further details.  I am so excited, and hope that you are too!!


melissa January 04, 2010  

sounds really neat i might have to try this . thanks for sharing

Brandy January 04, 2010  

This sounds great, I am doing my EA Sports Active challenge and moving forward with a 6 month goal to be from a pants size 15 to a 10 ... and then move on from that .. not sure, thinking 6 months is a good term. I lost 10" total (5" of that from my mid section in 26 days of EA Sports Active workout) so think I can do this! Looking at the form now!

Julie January 05, 2010  

This sounds great but where I am located right now getting to a gym would be a chore... a long drive and expense... is joining the gym a must for the challenge? Just curious.

Lauren @4BabyAndMom January 05, 2010  

Hi Julie!

Great question! Joining a gym is NOT a requirement. Anyone is more than welcomed to sign up. I hope to see you soon. Good Luck!

Storm January 07, 2010  

Good luck on losing weight. Happy TT!

Colleen January 07, 2010 I blogged about it and will link it up with the wiimoms fitness friday posts.


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