Sunday, October 17, 2010 Has Prices So Low, It's SCARY!!

We love autumn. Unfortunately in Florida, we don't have a lot of trees that start changing color. In fact, the only thing that clues you in that Autumn is in the air, is when the grocery stores start carrying pumpkins and those cinnamon twig things.

I don't dress up for Halloween, but my kids do. With all of our life changes going on this year, I almost forgot to order their costumes.

Have you ordered your costume yet? What about your kids Halloween costumes?? If not, you still have time to score the hottest costumes at the lowest prices. Yes, I've made that claim because not only does have affordable prices- they guarantee it! If you find a cheaper price online, all you need to do is send them the link. They will then match the price, and take an additional 20% off!!

Alex decided that this year he wanted to wear a Buzz Lightyear Costume. Abbie wanted to be Miss Piggy, so we're making hers from scratch.We got a great deal on Alex's costume, and even was add on an inflatable jet pack with wings!

Right now you can take advantage of their FREE 3-day shipping offer on all purchases over $70! Use the coupon code FREE70 at the checkout. lets you use any major credit card, as well as PayPal, which for me is a HUGE plus. I love paypal checkout, as that money is often "found" money from something I've sold on Ebay. The entire ordering process was super quick, with excellent customer service, and super speedy delivery. The costume came packaged and pristine, and I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience- (which is something that I haven't been able to say in quite some time.)

Be sure to visit for their large selection of adult, girl, and boys Halloween costumes. They've even begun slashing their prices, so hurry over and check them out because soon their selections will start to disappear!

What will your child (or you!) be dressing up as this Halloween?? provided a costume to us to review at no cost in order to facilitate a candid review of their site and service. Your opinion may differ.



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