Saturday, October 23, 2010

Treasure Your Chest~ Breast Cancer Awareness Month Helpful info

From Mom Select:

October is a month full of color, from the leaves on the trees to the orange pumpkins popping up everywhere. In addition to the warm autumn hues, there's another color that's synonymous with this month- pink! Yes, it's awesome to see this rosy shade take over everything from football fields to The White House as our country unites in the fight against breast cancer.

There are no shortage of breast cancer charities, campaigns and promotions to participate in this month, and all do their part to provide hope to countless women and support the research necessary to find a cure. Every little bit helps and we try to participate in all the pink that we can!

Moms, it's time to bond with your breasts! And the good news is, you can do so alongside other great women who are dedicated to spreading this proactive message. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, E! News host Giuliana Rancic and Lindsay Avner, founder of the national breast and ovarian cancer non-profit Bright Pink, "felt themselves up" during 'Treasure Your Chest' a live webcast to fight breast cancer hosted by Orbit White Bubblemint gum.

The 'Treasure Your Chest' video is available online through October at, where women can watch as Giuliana and Lindsay share (and show) tips for how young women can be proactive about their breast health, including bonding with their breasts regularly.

We think this video is a must-watch for every female! That's why we're spreading the word to increase views. If you're interested in sharing this video with your readers, we encourage you to embed it on your site. As we all know, early detection is the best prevention!

Just for fun, we're throwing one more color into the mix- White! As a proud sponsor of this campaign, Orbit White is donating 10 percent of every pack of Orbit White Bubblemint gum sold in September and October, up to $75,000, to Bright Pink. And they're also giving back to those that help them get the word out.

Watch live streaming video from treasureyourchest at

Watch the video, and take a moment out of your day to Treasure Your Chest. Make it a priority in your life. I got the approval  for my mammography, and have an appointment  next week, and I'm pretty nervous. If it wasn't for self- exams, I wouldn't have found my lump at all. While you're at it, grab a few packs of Orbit gum and help support the cause.



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